Episode 3387

Australian Air Date: 16th October 2002

Angie demands that Rhys tell Shelley the truth.. or she will. Kirsty and Dylan grow closer than ever. Will Jesse get a second chance?

Extended Summary

Jade tries to talk to Kirsty but Kirsty can’t tell her. Rhys feels guilty about his affair with Angie. Kirtsy tells Dani that Rhys is having an affair. Dani is upset about it.

Jade sneaks around to Nick’s and they sort things out between them.

Dani confronts Rhys about having an affair and he admits that he had an affair with Angie that it was a long time ago. Dani tells Rhys that he has to tell Shelley that if someone tells her that she will be more upset.

Rhys tells Angie to leave the Bay and Angie tells Rhys that he has to tell Shelley the truth.

Sally has a talk to Irene about babies. Leah finds out that Jesse likes her more then she thought and tells him off. Alf organises a meeting at the Surf Club to decide what to do about Jesse’s job at the gym. The committee decides to keep Jesse on at the gym. Rhys gets a shock when he turns up at home and finds Angie talking to Shelley. Josh gets a job but doesn’t know if he will take it.

Starring Kate Garvan as Jade, Christie Hayes as Kirsty, Michael Beckley as Rhys, Paula Forrest as Shelley, Kate Ritchie as Sally and Tammin Sursok as Dani.

Rachael Jennings

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