Episode 3395

Australian Air Date: 25th October 2002

Seb is frantic when Mikey disappears. Alex accuses Jesse of muscling in on Leah. Morag recognises Angie.


Final episode.

Extended Summary

Jesse tells Leah that Vinnie is in trouble in jail that Vinnie has got the blame for bashing someone in jail. Leah is worried about Vinnie in jail. Jesse tells Leah that he is going to be there for her and VJ. Brodie and Alex teases each other about thier Cockatoo noises and they both muck around. Brodie and Alex has a romantic kiss on their getaway. Mikey goes around to Sally’s for his first tutoring lesson. Alf is sick of Morag telling him what to do, and what to eat.

Donald tells Alf that he should do what Morag says and things might get better. Shelley walks in to the diner and sees Morag there and walks out because of Dani’s court case with Kane. Shelley goes over to Flynn’s to talk to him about her feelings. Seb takes Mikey home. Brodie tells Alex that she loves him so much. Flynn gives Shelley some support and trys to help her through the hard time she’s having. Morag is still telling everyone what to do and being bossey where she is not wanted.

Flynn reunites Tara and her family and decides to go back to live with her family. Josh tells Morag to stay right away from the Sutherlands and Dani and stay out of their lifes and tells her where to go. Alex starts to give Jesse are hard time by saying that Jesse has been hinting on Leah. Alex tells Jesse to hit him and Jesse walks away. Alex puts his relationship with Brodie on the line after what he said to Jesse. Seb is frantic when Mikey goes missing from the mall and Seb goes looking for him.

Leah asks Jesse to be there for VJ’s operation. Seb fears that Mikey has drowned in the water at the beach. Starring Ada Nicodemou as Leah, Danny Raco as Alex, Ben Unwin as Jesse, Susie Rugg as Brodie, Paula Forrest as Shelley and Martin Dingle-Wall as Flynn.