Episode 3393

Australian Air Date: 23rd October 2002

Alf is stunned to hear of Morag’s plans. Flynn discovers the truth about Tara. Sally makes a connection with Mikey.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3083. Visited the Bay to look after a deteriorating Alf.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3388. Visited school to drop off some things for Mikey’s special needs teacher.
Counselor introduced to a disturbed Alf by Colleen.
Student who told Seb to “get a life” after knocking Jamie aside.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3346.
Ninth appearance, last seen in Episode #3365.

Extended Summary

Leah tells Alf that she is not happy with him that he didn’t let her know about the fire in the diner. Mikey surpises his friends when he answers a hard sum and he gets it right. Mikey looks at Mrs Fletchers shoes in class, he likes the colour red and Mrs Fletcher takes her shoes off and puts them on Mikey’s desk and they get back to work.

Alf tells Leah that he is sorry about what he said before and they both talk things out until Leah mentions to Alf that he needs a holiday and Alf turns around to Leah and tells her that she is trying to get rid of him and walks away. Sally agrees to tutoring Mikey. Flynn is suss why Tara had told Irene that she didn’t have any kids and that he is not sure if Tara is the right one to have their baby.

Alf goes to the school to talk to Donald and they get in to an arguement and Alf walks out. Donald is furious about who set the fire drill off, Donald has an idea who has set it off. Mikey freaks out and hides between the lockers and Sally and Seb find him and Mikey hits Sally and the bells stop. Flynn finds out about Tara’s family and Tara gets upset when she tells Flynn and Sally about her family that she was involved in a car accident in which killed her husband and her youngest daughter.
Morag returns back in the bay and Alf gets a shock when she comes into the diner. Starring Ada Nicodemou as Leah, Ray Meagher as Alf, Cornelia Frances as Morag, Norman Coburn as Mr Donald Fisher and Kate Ritchie as Sally.

Rachael Jennings

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