Episode 4805

Australian Air Date: 6th March 2009
UK Air Date: 20th March 2009

Joey feels the post-trauma effects of her attack. Nicole and Geoff make up – but for how long? Can Nicole keep Belle’s secret?


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Geoff is upset with Nicole for not leaving the concert with them when Annie hurt her ankle but he’s hopeful that she will realise she stuffed up and will apologise to him. However, Nicole is angry with Geoff for not even trying to enjoy himself. When Nicole accuses Geoff of being a control freak, they have another argument and each accuse each other of being selfish. Annie’s attempts to make things better only make it worse. Eventually, Nicole apologies to Geoff and they make up but there’s still the underlying feeling that things aren’t really supposed to be this hard.

Meanwhile, Nicole cottons on to Belle’s drug habit and confronts her about it. Belle swears it is under control but Nicole has seen it all before with a friend’s mother. Desperate for Aden not to find out, Belle begs her not to tell him and Nicole caves in, but only on the condition that it stops… now.

Alf is struggling at the Surf Club, in desperate need of an extra pair of hands. When Aden finds out that Joey still hasn’t found a job, he lines her up working for Alf behind the bar. Joey is delighted and is doing well until Alf leaves her on her own and Robbo comes in, taunting her. Martha and Charlie are having lunch together when Charlie sees Joey go into the storeroom. She follows Joey and finds her crying, but Joey covers the real reason and says she has to go. Aden sees a forlorn Joey standing at the wharf sobbing and asks her what’s going on. Tearfully, Joey tells him what Robbo did to her the night Aden left her on the boat. Aden is horrified as the realisation of what Joey is saying hits him – he left her alone with Robbo, and Joey was raped!

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