Episode 4806

Australian Air Date: 9th March 2009
UK Air Date: 23rd March 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Aden & Belle are frustrated that Joey won’t go to the police. Lou asks Irene out on a date. Xavier’s foolishness causes an accident.


Extended Summary

Aden tells Belle that Robbo raped Joey last week but that Joey won’t press charges. Belle reluctantly agrees not to say anything about it until Joey does. Aden confronts Robbo who admits he had sex with Joey but says it was consensual. Aden decides to still work with Robbo until Joey presses charges. The next day Belle sees Lou de Bono and is unable to resist asking him about sexual harassment on his boat. Lou has no idea what she’s talking about. Belle tells Aden she spoke to Lou, watched by Robbo who begins to worry that people might believe Joey’s story. Robbo threatens Joey to keep quiet. Lou comes around to investigate claims of sexual harassment which Robbo denies. Aden is talking to Belle about his frustration on the Robbo issue when Joey comes around and accuses Aden of betraying her trust.

Irene gets flowers and assumes they’re from Colleen to thank her for help with the speed dating. Lou reveals that he sent flowers and asks Irene out on a date.

Kirsty wants to get her old job back at the school and asks Bartlett if there is any chance. He agrees to interview her about it after school, but only after she notices Miles almost ruin it. Jai is upset about Miles and Kirsty being apart, so Xavier says he’s going to cheer him up. Bartlett asks Miles if he’d be happy if Kirsty came back at school. Miles isn’t and says he’ll do whatever extra work needs to be done. Kirsty is unable to find other work and things are tense with Miles. She goes off to meet Bartlett. Meanwhile Xavier has converted a wheelie bin into a skateboard. He goes up on the top of a hill and, watched by Jai, Annie and Ruby, wheels down – causing Kirsty to crash her car into Bartlett’s.

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