Episode 4807

Australian Air Date: 10th March 2009
UK Air Date: 24th March 2009

Xavier gets busted for his accident and Hugo is annoyed. Friends attempt to reconcile Kirsty & Miles.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Bartlett and Kirsty aren’t injured in the accident but their cars are. Kirsty says that a wheelie bin caused it but there’s no sign of any wheelie bin. Xavier tells Ruby, Jai and Annie to keep quiet that it was he who caused the accident or else he will get in trouble. Alf discovers the caravan park wheelie bin down at the beach with its wheels off. Kirsty recognises it and confronts Miles. She accuses Miles of sabotaging her chances of getting a job with Bartlett and Miles admits he doesn’t want her around school any more.

Bartlett asks Xavier if he knows anything about the wheelie bin incident, but Xavier denies it. Miles figures out Jai and Annie know something about the wheelie bin. He and Alf try to trick them into revealing what they know – but it’s Jai who confesses. Ruby tells Xavier that Jai has taken the rap for him. But just as Jai is confessing, Xavier confesses. Bartlett punishes them both. Alf is unimpressed by Xavier, as is Hugo. Hugo tells Xavier if he stuffs up again then they’re leaving Summer Bay.

There is a bunch of left over sea food and Leah suggests to Roman they cook a dinner for Miles and Kirsty with the aim of getting them back together. But that night Bartlett assigns Kirsty and Miles to work on inventory together, also with the aim of getting back together. Roman and Leah prepare the dinner for Kirsty and Miles, enjoying each other’s company. As they do so Miles and Kirsty squabble doing inventory and wind up getting stuck in a closet together. They mostly but argue there’s one moment when it seems things might soften – but then Bartlett rescues them.

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