Episode 4808

Australian Air Date: 11th March 2009
UK Air Date: 25th March 2009

Miles and Kirsty’s relationship gets worse, whilst Leah and Roman’s friendship deepens. Trey causes problems for Geoff and Nicole. Martha struggles to say goodbye to Jack.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Roman and Leah have a nice dinner waiting for Miles and Kirsty, interrupted when Kirsty turns up angry about what happened with Miles. Leah later admits to Colleen she had fun with Roman last night and Colleen comments she always thought they’d make a nice couple. Roman gives Leah a surprise birthday present – a cooking master class.

Mile admits to Alf there was one time in the closet when he thought there might still be something there between him and Kirsty but says it’s no good now. The next day Kirsty runs into Miles – he offers to help doing inventory but she says no thanks. At school, Kirsty wipes Miles lessons off a board unknowingly, and he gets angry at her and they fight.

Nicole tells Geoff that Trey came over the other night and Geoff doesn’t like it. Nicole thinks Geoff is being unreasonable. Nicole, Trey and Geoff are doing an assignment together. Nicole and Trey want to make a film but Geoff wants to do a standard assignment. Geoff is annoyed at Trey and leaves. Nicole complains about Geoff to Roman, but Roman understands how Geoff could be annoyed. Trey apologises to Geoff and offers to help him do some boxing. Geoff agrees and Trey engineers it so Geoff accidentally punches him out. Trey shows this to Nicole, who confronts Geoff about it. Geoff says it was an accident but Nicole doesn’t believe him, thinking he did it jealously. Geoff pulls out of the assignment with Trey and Nicole. Trey and Nicole are working on their project alone together. Trey tries to kiss Nicole and she tells him to get lost.

Colleen asks Martha when she can collect Jack’s clothes and Martha reluctant agrees to do it tomorrow. Colleen goes around to collect Jack’s clothes from Martha, despite Martha’s obvious reluctance. Martha eventually snaps and says she doesn’t want to give away his clothes, arguing with Colleen. Martha confides in Alf her reluctance to give up Jack’s things. He is understanding but says she has to give up one day. She eventually packs up his clothes and gives them to Leah.

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