Episode 4809

Australian Air Date: 12th March 2009
UK Air Date: 26th March 2009

Aden discovers Joey’s secret. Tony is working through his grief, but is Martha?


Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Nicole tells Roman that Trey tried to kiss her and he encourages her to make it up with Geoff. Nicole admits to Roman she is reluctant to tell Geoff about Trey because he’ll be angry. She meets Geoff and they agree to talk about it later. Trey gives Nicole a hard time about being a tease but Joey comes to her defence and the two girls start talking. Joey ends up asking Nicole out on a date – she thought Nicole was gay (because Freya kissed her). Nicole says no, leaving Joey humiliated. Nicole tells Geoff about Trey and Joey – he is annoyed she keeps attracting this attention. Geoff and Nicole agree they’ve got nothing in common but will try to work on it.

Charlie sees Joey looking forlorn on the beach. Robbo tells Aden that they went around to Joey’s house – they know her brother Brett. Nicole tells Aden that Joey is a lesbian. Aden goes to Charlie and asks hypothetically if a girl was raped and the guy said it was consensual would it count if the girl was a lesbian. Charlies agrees and encourages the girl to come forward. Aden tells Joey that he knows she’s gay and encourages her to go to the police. She refuses, worried about her brother’s reaction. Charlie pressures Aden to get the girl to come forward. Aden brings her to see Joey – Charlie encourages her to press charges against Robbo. Joey agrees. Robbo sees Charlie leaving Aden’s house with Joey – he’s worried. What will he do to Joey?

Tony has almost finished fixing up Jack’s boat. Rachel is encouraging Tony to buy furniture for the baby but he is more interested in finishing the boat. Rachel suggests he get Martha to help finish. Martha asks Hugo to go for a drive but he is busy. Rachel tells Martha that Tony has been focusing all his attention on the boat. She clocks that Martha is in a bad place at the moment but Martha doesn’t say why. Tony tells Martha the boat is finished and they will launch it today. Martha admits to Hugo she feels as though she doesn’t have a future and that she doesn’t want to go to the launch. Hugo persuades Martha to go and also makes her take a bottle that he was given to him by Tony at the same time that Tony gave one to Jack for his own twenty first. Martha goes to the boat launching. Tony says working on the boat was his way of working through the grief of losing the son. They launch the boat, and Martha has a vision of Jack. Tony and Rachel are back on track. Tony has found peace.

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