Lily Taylor

Associate Script Producer: 2010-2011
Script Producer: 2011

Lily Taylor completed a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University, majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. From there, she went to work at Yoram Gross Film Studios on the children’s series Blinky Bill and Tabaluga and the feature film Dot in Space. She left after two years to take up a position as trainee script editor on the long-running ABC medical series, GP for it’s 8th and final season.

In 1999, she was hired by the renowned producer Matt Carroll whom she’d met on GP to help set up the US/Australian co-production of the Sci-Fi series, Farscape, for the Jim Henson Company.  She continued to work on the series as the script editor for the first season, story editor for the second and third seasons, and associate producer for the fourth and final season, as well as writing two episodes for the show A Clockwork Nebari and Scratch N’ Sniff. She was also the associate producer for the final miniseries, The Peacekeeper Wars, directed by Brian Henson and funded after fan outrage at the premature axing of the series by the Sci-Fi Network in the US.

After the conclusion of Farscape, Lily went onto write and script edit on the Nine Network series, McLeod’s Daughters. As script editor, Lily oversaw some of the series’ biggest episodes including Becky’s departure and Claire’s death, as well as co-writing Nick and Tess’ wedding episode with fellow Home and Away script producer, Alexa Wyatt.

After a brief stint on the short-lived Channel 7 series headLand, Lily joined the team at the long running series, All Saints as a script editor and writer. Three years later, Lily wrote her first episode of Home and Away, and in 2010, she was brought into the in-house story department as an associate script producer. As associate script producer, Lily was responsible for the introduction of the River Boys, the characters created by Jason Daniel.

She was promoted to script producer in 2011, with her first episode in the role airing on 30th May 2011 (Ep#5306). During her tenure, Lily made the decision to keep the character Heath Braxton on the show, who initially had only been written in for 6 weeks. The Braxtons went onto be one of the show’s most popular families ever. Lily also oversaw storylines such as the re-introduction of Roo, Romeo and Indi’s trip to Hawaii and Bianca’s rape, as well as the departures of Nicole Franklin and Angelo Rosetta.

Lily’s final episode as script producer aired on 22nd July 2011 (Ep#5345), though she continued writing episodes for the show up to 2015.

Picture with thanks to Lily Taylor


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