Episode 4780

Australian Air Date: 30th January 2009
UK Air Date: 13th February 2009

Belle turns to stronger medication. Miles clashes with Melody. Aden’s job plans are jeopardised by Nicole. Brian’s desperate for his cut of the money.


Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Belle is in desperate pain and Rachel isn’t impressed to find out she has been taking Larry’s old painkillers – they are addictive and very strong. Meanwhile, Nicole persuades Aden to tell Belle about his university offer but an innocent comment from Belle sees him change his mind and make a determined decision to forgo any thoughts of university and stay in the Bay with her. Nicole can’t believe it when Aden tells her he has a job with Don Gibson on as prawn trawler.

Wanting the do the right thing, Nicole tells Don that Aden doesn’t want to work for him after all as he is going to university. Furious at Nicole for sabotaging his job on the trawler, Aden forces her to explain to Don that she was wrong and that he does want the job. Nicole agrees but when she speaks to Don he tells Aden the job is no longer available. Aden is fuming at Nicole for ruining his plans and he doesn’t care how good her intentions were.

Miles is feeling the pain of Kirsty’s absence and is feeling on edge with everyone around him. When Melody deliberately disobeys him by turning up at school after Miles had told her to stay away, he completely loses it with her and she ends up being sent to her room.

Brian overhears Leah and Rachel discussing Leah’s plans for her insurance payment. Thinking Bridget is going ahead with the scam and keeping all the money for herself, Brian confronts her. Adding pressure to Bridget, Rachel reminds her that if she doesn’t leave town soon she will tell Alf the truth about her cancer, or lack of it. Bridget agrees telling Alf that she is leaving for America today. As a surprise to Bridget, Alf tells her he is going to follow her over there in a few weeks as support. Meanwhile, Leah is shocked when the bank gets in touch with her to explain that someone is trying to illegally access her funds.

Outside the diner, Alf is preparing to take Bridget to the airport. Bridget sees Rachel approaching and through gritted teeth thanks her for all her help and support. After saying her goodbyes, Alf drives Bridget out of Summer Bay. Meanwhile Brian is watching from the bushes, unimpressed that Bridget is leaving the bay without getting her hands on Leah’s cash.

VJ is wanting to spend time with Miles and Jai which Leah permits as Jai says he will look after VJ. During their walk through the park area VJ runs off and eventually Jai arrives at the house desperate that he can’t find him. The startling truth is that Brian has kidnapped VJ with the intention of holding him for ransom. The terror is etched on VJ’s face – how far will Brian go to get his hands on Leah’s money?

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