Episode 4781

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2009
UK Air Date: 16th February 2009

Leah frets for her kidnapped son. Alf learns the truth about Bridget’s lies.


Written by Dan Bennett
Directed by Kieran Murphy

Extended Summary

Panic sets in when Leah receives a call from Brian saying he has kidnapped VJ and wants the thirty thousand dollars as ransom. Brian tells her he has a police radio so he’ll know if she tells the cops. For fear of jeopardising VJ’s safety, Leah decides to deal with it herself – she wants her son back… and doesn’t want to do anything to risk his safety.

Meanwhile, Alf and Bridget are on their way to the airport. However Alf has realised he has left his coat behind, with his wallet. Despite Bridget’s objections he decides to turn around and head back to the bay to fetch it.

Whilst back at the house, Bridget learns about VJ’s abduction and suspects Brian’s involvement. Proving that she does indeed have some morals, she makes an anonymous phone to the police, tipping them off. But as an edgy Leah hands the ransom to Brian in his car, the police announce the kidnapping and it comes through on Brian’s police radio. Panicked, Brian takes off at breakneck speed – taking both VJ and the money with him. Leah is left utterly distraught, fearing the worst for her little boy.

The cops soon find him and give chase. Speeding, Brian avoids the roadblock and skids off the road. Unaware of the chase and desperate for news Leah anxiously waits at the police station and is horrified to overhear on a police radio station that VJ is being held captive at the roadblock… With Miles by her side, she rushes to the site; she’s quickly filled with relief when she sees VJ is unharmed. She scoops her little boy into her arms and hugs him for all he’s worth.

It’s a happy atmosphere back at Leah’s house with VJ being fussed over by a gathering of people. Alf prepares to take Bridget to the airport againt for a later flight, and as Jai fetches his jacket, a necklace falls out for all to see. Alf’s slightly embarrassed, but presents the necklace to Bridget telling her how much she means to him. Unable to allow Alf to be fooled any longer, Rachel tells Bridget that it’s time to come clean.

Everyone is shocked when Bridget admits she’s been lying all this time about having cancer – but little do they know about her scam and its part in VJ’s abduction. While a remorseful Bridget tries to explain herself to an incredulous Alf, the police turn up to arrest her. Brian has made a full statement about the events of the last few months and he has revealed all of Bridget’s wrong doing. Alf is horrified at the double blow – not only has Bridget deceived him, she’s a criminal as well!