Episode 4782

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2009
UK Air Date: 17th February 2009

Alf is left broken hearted after Bridget’s deceit. Meanwhile, Nicole and Aden are at loggerheads and Martha comes face to face with her husband’s killer.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Kieran Murphy

Extended Summary

When Alf finds out the scale of Bridget’s fraud he’s incredulous. Bridget has left him a broken man and his family are furious with her. Morag suggests they sue Bridget but Alf sadly tells her he doesn’t want to – he made a fool of himself, he should have known someone as good looking as Bridget wouldn’t go for a man like him.

Roman devoting so much of his time to Martha is having an impact on his home life and relationship with Nicole. The atmosphere between Nicole and Aden is awful since she lost him his job and Nicole is feeling the absence of her father who she hoped would be able to help sort it out. When Geoff steps in to intervene Aden and Nicole end up having a food fight, flinging food all over the kitchen. Roman arrives home to find a very messy kitchen and poor Geoff nursing a banged head – he is not impressed.

Meanwhile, Angelo is pleading guilty to manslaughter for Jack’s death, but Charlie is determined to get his plea upgraded to murder. When Charlie arrives at Martha’s place, to deliver her some bad news, she’s thrown for a moment when she realises Roman stayed the night. Roman insists he stayed on the couch, but something doesn’t sit right with Charlie, knowing Roman’s feelings for Martha. Charlie explains to Martha that the prosecution are getting Angelo to do a walk-through of the crime scene.

Martha’s horrified. She can’t bear to think of Angelo walking around the very place where he killed her husband. She tells Charlie that she wants to be there and hear the details of what he did but Charlie says she can’t allow that and assures her that the walk through could give them more evidence for their case against Angelo. Undeterred by Charlie, Martha turns up at the walk through and attacks Angelo in a rage. Worse, Angelo’s lawyer informs Charlie that now that he has seen the crime scene there is new evidence. In light of this Angelo will be pleading ‘Not Guilty’. Charlie and Martha are stunned, aware things are suddenly becoming much worse.

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