Episode 4783

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2009
UK Air Date: 18th February 2009

Can Martha and Tony get the closure they crave? Belle closes a chapter on the cancer cluster. Charlie suffers an emotional onslaught when she must charge a friend.


Written by Matt Anderson
Directed by Kieran Murphy

Extended Summary

Tony is furious that Angelo is changing his plea to not guilty and verbally attacks him for not facing up to what he has done. Rachel’s upset when Tony doesn’t turn up for the ultrasound of their baby but when she asks him about it he snaps… he doesn’t care – he already had a son and now he’s dead! Rachel puts her hurt aside when he apologises, assuring him that she understands his pain but begging him not to push her away.

After the latest developments with Angelo, Belle becomes disheartened about whether her article on the cancer cluster will make any difference – after all, if they can’t find justice for one person how will they get justice for thirty. But after a chat with Aden, Belle changes the focus of the article, submits it and the paper publishes it with a dedication to Jack Holden. Everyone is thrilled and Colleen is even moved to tears.

Aden also gets some good news. Leah manages to use her contact with Lou DeBono to get Aden his job back on the fishing trawler. We finally see Aden with a smile on his face again!

When Charlie confronts Angelo about changing his plea, he tells her that he genuinely thinks there is a chance he didn’t shoot Jack. Faced with this, even Charlie begins to have doubts. Martha, however, is certain that Angelo killed Jack and desperately wants him to be punished. Roman, knowing how upset Martha is, has a bit of a go at Charlie. But Charlie is quick to defend her actions and makes a sarcastic remark about his ‘friendship’ with Martha. Roman fires back that she is trying to get Angelo off because he is her boyfriend.

This hits a raw nerve with Charlie and she tells him to go to hell. Meanwhile, the search for the bullet continues – without the bullet to prove it was Angelo who killed Jack, it’s probable that Angelo will make bail. Martha’s emotional at the thought of Angelo being able to walk the streets a free man. But, the lead forensic turns up to break the news that they have found the bullet. It matches the type in Angelo’s gun so it is all over for Angelo – he did it. Angelo killed Jack. While Tony and Martha finally have some closure, for Charlie everything that has happened over the last few days comes flooding in and she admits to Angelo that part of her wishes that it wasn’t him that killed Jack either. Overcome with emotion and exhaustion Charlie sits motionless on a chair close to tears.