Episode 4784

Australian Air Date: 5th February 2009
UK Air Date: 19th February 2009

Ruby’s wild side gets Xavier in trouble. Has Miles found the truth behind Melody’s behaviour?


Written by Kevin Roberts
Directed by Kieran Murphy

Extended Summary

Tony’s nephews, Hugo and Xavier have arrived in Summer Bay and are staying with Tony and Rachel until they find somewhere more permanent. Ruby’s still on a mission to bag Xavier as her boyfriend, but Xavier seems very nonchalant about it all. When he mentions that his last girlfriend was quite wild, Ruby decides to impress him with her crazier side by suggesting they share a bottle of champagne she finds in Tony’s fridge. Feeling tipsy, they are mid-kiss when Tony, Rachel and Hugo arrive home. They’re totally unimpressed to find the vintage champagne drunk – it had sentimental value as Tony bought it for Jack for his 21st. Feeling terrible that Xavier has added to Tony and Rachel’s misery, Hugo decides they will leave and rent a caravan. Will looking after Xavier be even more difficult than he first thought?

Things are finally looking up for Belle. The new Editor of Coastal News was so impressed with her article that he has offered her a job as Features Writer. Belle is stunned and excitedly accepts the position. Can she handle the pressure?

Miles is increasingly frustrated with Melody’s disobedience and is at a loss what to do. After a chat with Rachel he thinks he may have found the answer – Melody’s mother had set up a vicious cycle of showing her love through strict discipline. So, Melody behaves badly because she enjoys Miles’ reaction – it proves to her that he cares about her. Miles decides to change tack and hopefully Melody will start to take responsibility for her own actions.

Jai is getting fed up with Melody and accuses her of abusing Miles’ good nature. When Miles explains his theory to Melody she is thrown. It horrifies her that her mother has conditioned her to need to be treated a certain way to feel loved. She feels like a problem and a burden to those around her and is clearly disturbed by this. When dawn breaks we see Melody slipping quietly out of the door with a bag of belongings on her shoulder. Is Melody running away?

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