Episode 4785

Australian Air Date: 6th February 2009
UK Air Date: 20th February 2009

Hugo and Xavier move in with Martha. Against Charlie’s wishes, Ruby and Xavier officially become a couple. Meanwhile, Charlie and Miles are hot on Melody’s heels.


Written by Faith McKinnon
Directed by Kieran Murphy

Extended Summary

Despite the proof that Angelo killed Jack and now having closure on the matter, Martha is lonely as she grieves for Jack. Roman has made a deliberate attempt to keep his distance and she has noticed it. But when Hugo shares a story about Jack with Martha she feels refreshed that she can remember Jack without crying. Feeling the need for company, she asks Hugo if he and Xavier will move in with her. Despite initial resistance, Hugo relents to Martha’s pleas. Roman thinks it is a bad idea for and warns a miffed Hugo that if he doesn’t keep his brother in line while they’re at Martha’s, they’ll have him to deal with. It seems Roman and Hugo haven’t gotten off to a good start.

Having been informed that Ruby and Xavier were drinking underage by Hugo, Charlie doesn’t want her sister spending any more time with Xavier. But Ruby resists, claiming she really likes him and admits it was her idea to drink the champagne in the first place. Trying to explain that Xavier isn’t the type of guy Ruby should be hanging out with, Charlie tells her about catching Xavier with pot. When Ruby asks Xavier about it, he says he’s not into that anymore. Seemingly accepting of this and ever determined to snare her man, Ruby suggests they make a scorching couple together. Xavier agrees and when she’s out of sight he makes an interesting call to his girlfriend… calling off their relationship.

Miles is shocked to discover Melody’s letter saying she has gone away. He asks Jai if he knows when she left but Jai is just as surprised as Miles and can only relay the confused conversation he had with Melody the day before. When they can’t find Melody anywhere, Miles decides to get the police (including Charlie) involved. They head to the bus station to see if Melody is there. But Melody spots the Police with Miles and Geoff looking for her. Not being able to get on the bus without them seeing her, she instead hitches a ride in a semi-trailer.

Thankfully, after hearing a bulletin over his CB about Melody being missing, the truck driver calls the police to tell them he dropped Melody in Melbourne. When Charlie hears this she decides to take leave from work to go to Melbourne with Miles and find Melody. It looks like Melody needs them – now that she has arrived in the big city she is not sure what to do – scared, vulnerable and completely alone.