Episode 4779

Australian Air Date: 29th January 2009
UK Air Date: 12th February 2009

Aden gets a surprise university offer. Miles sacrifices his happiness for Kirsty’s family. Kirsty leaves Summer Bay for a new life with Kane and Ollie.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

With Belle back home after staying at the Townhouse, Roman hopes that Aden will now start to think more clearly about his future and about university but Aden isn’t in the mood for talking seriously about it. Roman lets slip to Belle that Aden didn’t apply to any universities which in turn upsets Belle – thinking that he missed out because he was focusing too much on her. Already annoyed that Roman told Belle, Aden is further angered to learn that Nicole sent off a university application for him – and he has been offered a place! Nicole thought he’d be stoked but instead he demands to know what gives her the right to mess about in his life. Nicole is miffed and asks him if he would take the offer if it wasn’t for Belle. Aden surprises himself feeling in his heart that he would.

Kirsty has made her mind up that she will stay with Miles but before she can tell him, Miles beats her to it by telling her they should break up. After Miles’ conversation with Kane, he feels he’s doing the right thing by allowing Kirsty to go back to the man she married.

Miles can’t possibly stand in the way of their family nor can he love her knowing she should be with Kane. Meanwhile, Kane gets a job offer out of town. Despite her devastation at losing Miles and longing to be with him, Kirsty decides to go with Kane and leave Summer Bay. Jai tells Miles that he was a fool to let Kirsty go when he obviously wants her to stay which propels Miles to chase after Kirsty and tell her he’s made a mistake. As Miles rushes after Kirsty to tell her how he really feels, she is already driving off to her new life with Kane and Ollie. Miles has missed his chance and lost the woman he loves.

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