Episode 4778

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2009
UK Air Date: 11th February 2009

The community reels at Angelo’s confession. Xavier and Hugo decide to move to Summer Bay. Kane’s on a mission to keep his wife and child.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Tony’s fury at Angelo continues despite Rachel’s attempts to calm him down. Angelo confesses everything about the shooting and tells a sickened Charlie he will always treasure the times they spent together as a couple. Roman comforts Martha as she tells him of the agony she felt with Angelo’s presence at Jack’s funeral but Charlie said it was the only way to catch Angelo. Martha is devastated that her chance to say goodbye to Jack was marred by Angelo.

Hugo is worried about Xavier’s attitude and behaviour, especially when he finds a large bag of dope in with Xavier’s belongings. Xavier explains that he has been dealing drugs to help their mother with bills and angrily tells Hugo that it’s more than he has done for this family. Xavier doesn’t think it’s right that Hugo comes back and starts interfering with things after having gone away and left the family to fend for themselves.

Hugo takes this on board and realises that it’s time family started to come first. He decides that he and Xavier should live together in Summer Bay which will give Hugo the chance to do his bit for the family and give Xavier a break from it all. Xavier is not pleased but Gina thinks it’s a great idea.

Kane comes out of hospital and wants to know who Kirsty has decided to be with – him or Miles. Kirsty tells him she doesn’t want to leave the Bay as she and Ollie are settled there now. Kane is open to staying in Summer Bay with her but is soon crushed by Kirsty’s declaration that she is in love with both him and Miles and can’t decide what to do.

Miles tells Kirsty that he just wants her and Ollie to be happy, whatever she decides to do. Eventually, Kirsty makes her mind up – it’s Miles she wants to be with. Fearing Kirsty may choose Miles over him, Kane decides to pay Miles a visit telling Miles that if he really loves Kirsty he will let her be with Kane, after all he is her husband and father of her child. Miles is left with a big decision.