Episode 4777

Australian Air Date: 27th January 2009
UK Air Date: 10th February 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Tony finally uncovers the truth. Charlie puts her second plan into motion.


Extended Summary

It’s a gruelling day for everyone in Summer Bay as they prepare to farewell Jack at his funeral. Martha tries to hide her true feelings as a guilt-ridden Angelo, who she knows is her husband’s killer, helps with preparations. Unable to stand being around him any more, Martha heads to the Police Station to tell Charlie she won’t be able to get through the funeral knowing her husband’s killer is there. Charlie convinces her that it’s the only way they will catch Jack’s killer. Martha agrees but confirms she can’t possibly attend the funeral with Angelo present. She leaves in tears before Charlie can stop her. Meanwhile, Alf receives a call from Ken Harper – Fitzy has gone into labour and won’t be able to read the speech at the funeral. Alf asks Angelo if he will step in at the eleventh hour.

Roman finds Martha on the wharf and manages to persuade her to attend the service after all. At the funeral, Gina’s son Hugo makes an unexpected appearance, but Xavier doesn’t appear pleased to see his brother. Martha just manages to keep it together even when Angelo stands up to read. The only thing getting Martha through, is knowing that Angelo will be taken into custody once Charlie catches him dropping off the blackmail money. But as Charlie later waits at the drop off point, she is surprised to see Tim arriving. Charlie and Watson tackle Tim to the ground to stop Angelo from seeing him. However, as she turns back, Angelo is driving away without making the drop – another sting has been foiled.

Angelo heads to the wake where Martha is horrified to see him and races off to her bedroom – leaving everyone curious about her state of mind. Tony tries to talk to Martha and through distraught tears she tells him the truth – that Angelo killed Jack. Tony flies out of the bedroom and attacks Angelo like a man possessed. Tony screams at Angelo to confess to the killing, which he does leaving everyone stunned at this new revelation. Charlie arrives just in time to hear an emotionally spent Angelo confessing – it’s all over for Angelo.