Episode 4776

Australian Air Date: 26th January 2009
UK Air Date: 9th February 2009

Xavier is back in the Bay and up to his old tricks. Martha finds out what happened on the night of the school formal.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Preparations are underway for Jack’s funeral and emotions are running high in Summer Bay. Tony’s sister, Gina, arrives with her son Xavier. Gina tries to be a support but with her relationship with Xavier as bad as ever, she isn’t sure their presence is making Tony feel any better, especially as they are staying in Tony’s house. Tony, however, assures her that they are a welcome distraction from his pain. Gina gives Xavier money to organise catering for the funeral but when Colleen tells Xavier the Diner will provide catering on the house Xavier pockets the money instead of returning it to his mother.

While in the Diner, Ruby is thrilled when she bumps into Xavier but he’s less than friendly, leaving her stung by his lack of interest. Gina tells Tony that she thinks she has nipped Xavier’s drug involvement in the bud since he got back from schoolies but little does she know that Xavier is in possession of a large bag of dope – is that how he spent her money?

Charlie, now certain of Angelo’s involvement in Jack’s death, is in turmoil as she tries thinking of a way to get enough evidence to convict him. She tells Tim he is free to leave the station but she keeps his phone and sends a message to Angelo, supposedly from Tim, telling him to bring money to the wharf or he’ll tell the cops everything. But the plan fails, the cops pull out and it’s up to Charlie to think of another way to catch him out. When Martha comes to her with Jack’s notebook telling her she thinks Angelo is responsible for Jack’s death, Charlie decides to try for another sting in the morning before the funeral.

Until then Martha has to make sure no one is aware of her suspicions – if Angelo thinks he is a suspect it will blow the whole plan out of the water. Martha is forced to stay friends with Angelo until they have enough evidence to arrest him. Unaware, a concerned Alf calls Angelo to come to the house as a support for Martha on the morning of the funeral. As a guilt-ridden Angelo tells Martha he will be with her every step of the way, Martha desperately tries to hide her horror at being comforted by a killer – the man who murdered her husband.

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