Episode 4775

Australian Air Date: 23rd January 2009
UK Air Date: 6th February 2009

Aden puts his future aside to look after Belle. Charlie has suspicions about Angelo.


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Aden is concerned for Belle’s growing anxiety over Jack’s death and her conviction that the developers were responsible. Scared for her own life she is still adamant that she won’t leave the safety of the hospital. Aden manages to persuade her to stay at the Townhouse with him for a while and she agrees. But Aden’s so caught up in looking after Belle, he tells a worried Roman that he’s decided not to apply to university. There are other, more important things on his mind right now and university just doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Martha is still overcome with grief for Jack but seems comforted by a visit from Angelo (one that was forced on him by Tony). Martha feels like she’s connected to Angelo, and his visit gets her out of her funk. For the first time since Jack’s death, she ventures out of the house to make funeral arrangements with Tony.

Meanwhile, Angelo has no idea what he is going to do about his responsibility for Jack’s death. Everywhere he looks there are reminders of Jack or people telling him what a hero he is for rescuing Martha – it only serves to make him feel guiltier. He even comes close to a confession when he visits Martha. Charlie is putting a lot of effort into investigating Jack’s murder and has kept Tim in for questioning. She is shocked when she finds evidence that points to Angelo – an accidental discharge report from his gun and Tim’s phone records with Angelo’s number.

Taking Tim’s phone round to Angelo’s she sends him a threatening text from it. Angelo picks up the text before her very eyes but lies to her about what it said. This for Charlie is enough to prove her suspicions. What will Charlie do now that the guy she is seeing and boss of is a suspect for Jack’s murder?