Episode 4774

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 2009
UK Air Date: 5th February 2009

Melody faces consequences of her actions. Is Rachel making a deal with the devil?


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

It’s a hard day for Melody as she reveals taking drugs with Matthew and how she came to lock the doors of the school formal hall. Bartlett is not impressed that Miles’ efforts with Melody have failed so dismally and Miles is disappointed that he hasn’t been able to make any progress with the troubled teen.

Miles attempts to persuade Bartlett to deal with the matter through the school instead of the police. However, Miles is shocked when Bartlett expels Melody from Summer Bay High. Melody is left ashamed and devastated. Meanwhile, the School Captain steps down from her post and it seems that Nicole may be reinstated.

Belle is convinced that Tim killed Jack and is wracked with guilt for stirring things up with the development site. Roman is concerned that Aden’s worry for Belle’s state of mind is taking over from him capitalising on his good HSC results and changing his university preferences. When Rachel tells Belle that she’s well enough to go home, Belle freaks out, scared that something will happen to her back at her place. The only place she feels safe it is hospital and she’s not leaving it.

After uncovering Bridget’s scam, Rachel is unsure how to act in Alf’s best interests, given all that has happened over the last couple of days. She decides Bridget has to tell Alf she’s going to the US for treatment, then when things have settled a bit more for Alf, she will have to call and break it off with him. She has to be out by the end of the day.

Bridget has no choice but to agree but Brian, her partner in crime is not happy and tells her she is staying where she is until he gets his cut of the money. When Alf pleads with her to stay until after Jack’s funeral, Bridget says she will and manages to persuade a reluctant Rachel that she needs to stay a bit longer for Alf’s sake. Rachel hesitantly agrees but we can see that she wonders if she is making the right decision about this. Will Bridget have time to pull of her scam to fleece Leah after all?

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