Episode 4810

Australian Air Date: 13th March 2009
UK Air Date: 27th March 2009

Charlie tries to persuade Joey to press charges. Irene and Lou go on a date. Devastating news causes Martha to put herself in danger.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Robbo confronts Aden trying to figure out what the police know. Robbo says this will cost Aden his job. Joey is about to give a statement to Charlie but it is hard. She admits she’s worried how her brother will react and decides not to go on the record. Joey admits to Charlie that she’s gay. But she says she doesn’t want to make a statement as she doesn’t think it will do any good. Charlie tells Aden that Joey didn’t give a statement mostly because of her brother’s homophobia. Charlie wants to see Martha – having heard the news about Angelo – but no one can find her. Aden and Belle see Robbo harassing Joey trying to find out what he told the cops – Aden almost punches Robbo. Aden can’t understand why Joey won’t go to the cops. Belle tells Aden to back off Joey. Aden is just frustrated and worried. But Charlie has actually given the statement. She is about to sign it when Brett turns up saying Robbo told him Joey falsely accused her of rape. He drags her out without Joey signing her statement.

Martha and Tony find out that Angelo’s case won’t be going to court. Tony is devastated, although he tries to be positive. But then he finds Jack’s boat is missing. It turns out Martha has taken it out – she has gone sailing. Tony, who doesn’t know Martha took the boat, is worried. Martha has taken the boat to commune with Jack. Alf Tony and Rachel go out to look for the boat but can’t find it. There’s a storm coming. Martha is so at peace for the first time she is unaware that the storm is coming.

Irene is excited about the date with Lou. Lou gives Irene tickets to the opera and a fancy restaurant. Irene is a bit overwhelmed. Irene gets dolled up to go out but rips her dress, stressing her out. She cancels the dinner. But Lou turns up anyway – he doesn’t mind. Irene and Lou wind up having fish and chips on the pier, having a lovely time. He offers a drink but she declines – she’s worried about telling him he’s an alcoholic.

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