Episode 4811

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2009
UK Air Date: 29th March 2009

Martha believes fate is telling her to be with Jack. Geoff accuses Nicole of flirting with someone else. Xavier tries to hide the reality of his brother Brendan from Ruby.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Aboard The Forever, Martha had been in the eye of a storm and was knocked unconscious, the next morning Hugo finds Martha unconscious next to the boat which has washed up on the beach.

At the hospital, Tony arrives to be told that Martha has been injured, that she had the boat all along and it was beached this morning. Rachel is stunned when Tony’s first question is about the state of the boat. Rachel is worried about Martha’s state of mind. She voices her concerns to Roman and the others about the possibility that the boat accident was not an accident. When Roman says that he will ask her, Rachel says that she will organise a counsellor to broach the subject. Despite this, Roman asks Martha which upsets her.

Eventually Martha is released from hospital and returns home.

Later, back at home Hugo tells Martha the story of how his girlfriend died in a car accident they were in. After losing her, he didn’t want to heal. This resonates with Martha. She tells Hugo she thought fate was telling her she was meant to be with Jack. Hugo says the fact she survived the storm is a pretty big indicator she’s meant to be here. Martha comes to a new level of acceptance. She gives Jack’s Jacket to Hugo and tells him she wants him to have it.

Hugo questions Xavier as to why he hasn’t been returning his brother Brendan’s phone calls. He says that he will call to apologise. However Xavier’s fear over people finding out about Brendan is at an all time high when Hugo states that he can apologise in person, Brendan and their Mum will be coming to visit next week.

Geoff spots Nicole at the pier talking and laughing with a strange guy, he thinks Nicole is flirting with him and is immediately dark that Nicole has returned to her old ways. He confronts Nicole over this and she is shattered by the fact Geoff automatically thought the worst of her. She storms off leaving him to stew. Geoff apologises to Nicole who tells him she was hiring a boat from the guy at the pier, she’s planned a surprise trip for them. The two make up and head off on their adventure. It turns out their destination is the Island they first made love on. But someone has seen their arrival and is watching them….

Scene cut from Episode:
Ruby is perplexed by Xavier’s strange behaviour when he suddenly deletes some messages on the answering machine left by his brother Brendan. Ruby questions Xavier over this but he feigns ignorance and says he’s angry that Hugo has him under the thumb.