Episode 4812

Australian Air Date: 17th March 2009
UK Air Date: 31st March 2009

Geoff and Nicole run into a strange man on their romantic getaway. Why is Trey taking an interest in Kirsty? Jack’s life insurance causes upset.


Written by Matt Anderson
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Trey turns up at school and overhears a conversation between Kirsty and Bartlett. Kirsty mentions having missed her morning coffee. A short time later Trey returns with a coffee and Kirsty is somewhat perplexed by his gesture. We soon see another side to Trey however, when he teases Jai about his race. When Trey mocks him again him by making kung-fu moves, Jai snaps and shoves Trey against the lockers. A passing Kirsty only sees the latter part of the incident and when Miles asks what’s going on, she assumes Jai started it.

Trey goes on to tell Kirsty that he is struggling with his English text, Pride and Prejudice. Kirsty tells Trey how much she loved that book. Trey asks Kirsty if she’s be interested in tutoring him. It’s late, and although she could use the money Kirsty tells Trey they will discuss it the next day. As Kirsty goes about locking up the school we see Trey shoot her a disconcerting look. Just what are his motives behind this sudden interest in Kirsty?

Martha receives a letter telling her that Jack’s life insurance has come through. Martha is upset by this, not only is it another reminder that Jack is gone but she feels like it’s blood money. She doesn’t want to profit from Jack’s death. After agonising over it she finally talks to Alf who tells her that the money is Jack’s way of looking after her. Eventually Martha decides that the money is a good thing-she’s going to find something she really wants to do and use the money to do it.

Geoff and Nicole are revelling in each others company as they lap up the surf and sun on the island. Things couldn’t be better until a moment of intimacy leads Geoff to question Nicole over whether she has brought him back to the island just to re consummate their relationship. Nicole is shocked and hurt by Geoff’s accusation, and Geoff realises he has misinterpreted the situation. Nicole storms of and we see somebody watch her go. Eventually Nicole returns and the couple are confronted by a strange man. He scares the two with tales of how many people he has killed. Geoff tries to grab his radio to call for help but the stranger stops him. What does this man have in store for them? And how will our young couple escape?