Episode 4813

Australian Air Date: 18th March 2009
UK Air Date: 1st April 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Danny Raco

History repeats itself as Geoff and Nicole find themselves stranded on the island. Trey causes tensions to rise between Kirsty and Miles. Leah goes on a date.


Extended Summary

Geoff and Nicole are still stranded with the strange man, Derrick, on the Island. When he leaves to take a toilet break, Geoff tells Nicole to make a run for it and hide until morning. She reluctantly does so but Derrick returns and catches her. He threatens Geoff with a fishing knife and the couple flee.

A chase ensues, and eventually Geoff knocks Derrick over the head with a log. He falls on his knife, cutting himself, leaving Geoff to make his escape. Geoff eventually finds Nicole and the two hide out overnight. In the morning they discover Derrick has taken their boat. They are stranded again. Roman and Hugo eventually rescue the two after receiving a call that they were not at their pick up point to return to the Bay. Nicole is visibly traumatised and she voices how much she hates everything about the Island. Geoff reads this as a statement about her feelings for him. Whilst getting checked out at the hospital Nicole is distant toward Geoff and rejects his offers of comfort. Geoff is alarmed but does his best to hide his disappointment.

Later that evening, we see Derrick talking on the phone to an unknown person. He explains that some kids saw him on the island and that he is going to lay low for a while, and advises the other person to do the same.

Miles clocks Kirsty tutoring Trey. He voices his concerns to Bartlett over whether Kirsty is qualified to tutor a student. Bartlett tells him it’s a private arrangement and Trey’s parents are aware, so it’s all above board. Later Kirsty finds out about Miles’ disapproval and she isn’t impressed. This leads to a confrontation and Kirsty tells Miles to stay out of her business, she can tutor Trey if she wants to. Miles tells her he is only concerned for her because Trey is a trouble maker, she’s making a mistake. Later Miles turns up at the Beach House to apologise. Another argument erupts and Kirsty tells Miles that the only mistake she made was being with him.

Roman enquires as to who Leah is taking to the cooking master class he got her a voucher for. Leah is about to tell him she hasn’t asked anyone yet but is interrupted by a customer. Irene assumes Leah will be taking George but Leah tells her she was actually thinking of asking Roman. Irene assumes Leah feels obliged to ask Roman as he paid for the class but Leah tells her that she thinks Roman would enjoy it. Irene warns her that if she doesn’t make up her mind she will be going alone. Roman arrives at the Diner to find George and Leah on their way to the class. Leah is instantly awkward at being seen with another man and Roman feels a pang of disappointment at seeing her with someone else.