Episode 4814

Australian Air Date: 19th March 2009
UK Air Date: 2nd April 2009

Belle pops pills as she uncovers an affair. Tony proposes to Rachel. An investigation into her attack leads Joey to make a disastrous admission to her brother.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Feeling the pressure of her work commitments Belle is popping pills, they are helping her to write and meet her deadlines. Jerry, her boss is impressed with her but Paula, a fellow colleague is jealous of Belle.

Charlie asks Rachel about an old assault case. She is holding a picture of the perpetrator and Rachel confirms that he was the suspect. It’s revealed that the picture is of Robbo. Charlie contacts the assault victim, Robbo’s ex Tanya. She initially agrees to make a statement regarding the abuse. Charlie brings Robbo in, much to the distress of Joey who is terrified Robbo will blame her for the accusation. However when she sees Robbo being brought into the station, Tanya disappears without signing her statement.

When Belle arrives at the hospital to get some stats for a story she finds Jerry and Paula in an intimate moment. They have been in a car accident and Paula is comforting Jerry. Later Jerry’s wife Linda arrives. Jerry tells her he was alone in his car in the accident and Belle realises that Jerry and Paula are having an affair.

Jerry tells Belle that if she will keep it a secret he will make her acting editor of the paper while he’s off recovering. Belle agrees. Irene and Aden are thrilled to learn of Belle’s promotion but are concerned about her workload and the long hours she’s keeping. Still riding the high of her pills Belle tells them not to worry, she can cope. Later that afternoon Belle is called into a staff meeting and the owner of the Coastal News informs Belle he has decided the acting editor should be a more experienced staff member. He has given the job to Paula!

Tony decides that he is going to propose to Rachel. He enlists the help of Alf, Leah, Martha and Miles. He plans a huge surprise at home with decorations including 115 roses – one for each day since their first planned wedding day. The plan is that Alf will get the decorations, Martha and Miles the roses and Leah will pick Rachel up from work and deliver her to Tony. Things go awry when the ute’s tray opens and the roses are spilt across the road. Whilst standing in the middle of the road Martha sees that Geoff and Annie’s old farm is still on the market. Martha has been looking for a sign to help her decide what to do with the insurance money from Jack’s policy, could this be the sign?

Then an emergency at the hospital means Rachel can’t leave. After phone calls from everyone about the mishaps Tony arrives at the hospital and borrows a single rose from a patient. He proposes to Rachel who accepts amid the applause of the hospital.

With Charlie’s support Joey agrees to make a statement against Robbo. Joey tells Charlie that if she has to testify in court people, namely her brother, Brett will find out about her sexuality. Charlie encourages Joey to come out to her brother, it can’t be any worse than living a closeted life. Joey takes Charlie’s lead and with her support confides the truth in Brett. Brett is disgusted and throws Joey out. Has Charlie just coerced Joey into making a huge mistake?