Episode 4766

Australian Air Date: 24th November 2008
UK Air Date: 26th January 2009

Kane is out of gaol but will he ever be part of Kirsty’s life again? Pain over Bridget’s cancer takes its toll on Alf.

Extended Summary

Kane has won his appeal and is now a free man. He secretly returns to the bay, confiding only in Irene and covertly watches as Kirsty laughs on with Miles and Ollie. It seems that she has done exactly what he asked her to do – get on with her life without him! Unsure of whether to complicate things by showing his face, he asks Irene to give Kirsty a letter; Kirsty can get in touch if she wants to.

Irene agrees but knowing how happy Miles is with Kirsty, she can’t bring herself to hand the letter over. Meanwhile, Kirsty is wondering why Ollie keeps mentioning his “Daddy” – little does she know that Ollie saw Kane watching as they played soccer together.

Jack’s boat is serving its purpose of taking his mind off recent worries – even Tony can’t wait to get involved in the repairs. But Alf isn’t finding it so easy to relax, particularly as he can’t speak to anyone about Bridget’s cancer to garner their support. But when his angina comes back because of the stress he is under, Alf can’t hide the physical pain from Martha and is forced to tell her what’s on his mind.

Meanwhile, Angelo thinks he may have found a way to bring Tim and the developers down. He arranges bail for Nobby – the rough nut who beat up Belle. He explains to him the magnitude of the crime he was involved in and that there’s no doubt that it will come with a large sentence, unless of course, Nobby helps Angelo. Put in a tight spot, Nobby is persuaded to wear a listening device to get on record that he was paid to steal the memory card from Belle. But as Angelo listens in on the conversation between Nobby and Tim the foreman, it seems their plan has been foiled.

Tim badgers Nobby to tell them who sent him and Nobby eventually admits it was Angelo. This revelation is followed by the sound of complete silence on the tape device and later a threatening phone call to Angelo from Tim. Has Tim killed Nobby? And if he has, what does that mean for Angelo?

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