Gus Phillips

Gus Phillips (2005)
Peter Lamb
Episodes: 3874 – 3885

Children: Kane and Scott Phillips

In 2005 Gus Phillips came back into the bay to look for his son Kane who terribly hates him but all Gus wants is Forgiveness. Will he ever get that?

When he came back to the bay, he went straight to The Diner asking about the caravan park because Gus knew Kane would be around, then suddenly Gus helped Hayley from the fire at the palace making him a hero of the bay.

Gus was at hospital checking he was okay. He didn’t know Kane was going to be there and he was sorting his cancer treatment out. Then Kane finds out from Hayley/Irene about this man and goes to see who the man is. Then Kane’s worse nightmares come back to life.

Gus knows that Kane is really angry at him and later goes to the beach House to see if Kane is there and he finds out about Kirsty ( About them being married and having a baby etc) Kirsty lets him in. Later when Kane is home, he finds Gus there and goes completely nuts.

A couple of days later Gus is in the diner and has a astound visit from Kane who he didn’t expect to be there and Kane agrees to hear his dad out.

Then later the next day, Kane and Gus talk on the beach about how Gus made a lot of mistakes and he wished he could take them back. Gus trys to tell him about putting the past behind them and before Kane goes away, he shows the scars he has on his back and Gus is horrified when he sees them.

Later on that day he sees Kirsty in the diner he tells her that all he wants from Kane is forgiveness and Kirsty says she will try her best.

In a few days later Gus is pushed away from the bar from Kane telling him to get out of this life forever and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Gus soon after this had a short life in the bay and then soon before he left Kane and him started to get to know each other
. After a few weeks he and Kane had a meal together and then Kane starts seeing his dad differently but then things change for the worse. Greg phones Gus up to ask for the money he owes him and sets him a dead line. He trys to get money but he just can’t. He was in the Bar one time and he saw the money Kane was going to put away but he didn’t have it in him to take it, so Gus decides to skip town.

He tells Kane who isn’t happy and wants to send him off but Gus doesn’t want Kane to come and say bye. Gus goes onto the bus out of town and when Kane looked away, he got off and phoned Greg to say he would have the money soon.

Then later on he phones Kane telling him he’s in big trouble with someone. Kane goes quickly to his rescue and Kane finds out what Gus has. When Kane sees this, he’s very angry with his dad and realises he hadn’t changed. He throws him out his car and that’s the last we see of Gus.

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