Episode 3885

Australian Air Date: 28th January 2005

Kane’s life is changed forever. Josie’s left reeling when Marc makes his sinister intentions clear. Scott realises he has feelings for Hayley.

Thirteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3857. Mistakenly arrested Kane for his Gus’ armed robbery.
First appearance. Assisted Const. Harper with Kane’s arrest. Was secretly the ‘Summer Bay Stalker’.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Jesse and Josie are revelling in their love for each other. Josie even tells him that she wants him to live with her permanently. Jesse’s stoked. Josie has finally opened herself up to the possibility of true love and she’s the happiest she’s ever been. What could possibly go wrong?

At the Diner, Hayley offers Kane some extra shifts – she knows he’s really short of cash at the moment. Alf overhears and so offers Kane some money. Kane thanks him but says no. Kane says he’s got a few plans up his sleaves and will be right. Peter tells Marc that there is still no ID on the dead body found in the bush. Marc has been charming the pants off Colleen and she thinks he’s a lovely young fellow. In fact, most of the Bay seems to have fallen under his spell – except for Josie. She makes it clear to him that his feelings toward her are not reciprocated. She’s honestly sorry if he’s hurting, but their night together was nothing more than a bit of fun. Marc is clearly cut by the remark.

When Josie returns home she discovers that Marc has invited himself over for dinner. What’s worse is that he keeps making hidden references to their night together. Jesse remains clueless throughout, but Josie becomes more and more irritated by Marc’s surreptitious game-playing. In a desperate attempt to bring the night to an end, she spills wine all over Jesse. While Jesse’s changing his shirt, Josie confronts Marc over his behaviour. She’s furious and wants to know what he’s playing at. Marc replies menacingly that he’s merely ‘having a bit of fun’. Josie’s words have come back to haunt her and it’s clear that this is not the end of Marc’s meddling.


Scott, Peter and Dan enjoy some drinks at the bar. Peter chats about being back at work and feeling re-energised. He notices Scott stealing furtive glances across to Hayley. He later calls him on this, but Scott denies there’s anything going on. However, when alone, Scott realises he does have feelings for Hayley.


Meanwhile Leah apologises to Hayley for her ribbing about Kim – she hopes she didn’t overstep the mark. Hayley’s fine with it and finally admits she thinks Kim’s a spunk.

Kane gets a surprise call from Gus asking him to come pick him up. What the? Kane thought Gus would be in Queensland by now. Gus says he’s in trouble and needs to be picked up now! Kane drives out of town collects him. As they drive away, Gus explains everything – he’s just been in a robbery and the alarm went off. Gus says he had to do it so he could pay off this guy. If he didn’t both he and Kane would have been in danger. That’s why Gus faked going to Queensland – to give him an alibi. But the robbery went wrong and the cops are on their way. Kane is furious at his lying scum of a father. Suddenly police sirens scream out from behind them and Kane realises he’s been speeding. Gus wants him to speed up, but Kane refuses to help him and pulls over. There’s a scuffle and Gus takes off, leaving his bag behind. The police arrive and see the bag (containing the money and weapon). Kane tries to explain, but it looks pretty bad. The police ask Kane to accompany them to the station for questioning in relation to the armed robbery. Kane’s up to his neck in it again!


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