Episode 3886

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2005
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Mark Piper

Kane fights to prove his innocence, as a web of lies closes in around him.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3864. Returned from a stint in the city to become embroiled in Kane’s fight for innocence.
Fourteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3885. Oversaw Kane’s questioning over the robbery.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3883. Identified Kane as the perpetrator of the robbery, in an act of revenge against Gus.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3885. Joined Peter during his investigation into Kane’s recent behaviour.

> Kane’s birthday is stated as being 3/9/1983 on his arrest record.

Extended Summary

Kane’s been taken in for questioning in relation to tonight’s petrol station robbery. The police seem unimpressed with his version of the truth. When Peter arrives Kane is glad to finally see a friendly face. But Peter’s going by the book and not playing favourites. When Irene arrives at the station she’s furious at Peter for not believing Kane. She says that there’s no way he’d be stupid enough to pull a stunt like this! Kane’s angry that a ‘mate’ like Peter would accuse him of this. But Peter can’t ignore the strong evidence against Kane ‘ he was found with the stolen money, the weapon, a balaclava, Kane’s description matches the one given by the petrol station attendant who was robbed, and Kane doesn’t have an alibi.


Morag has arrived back from the city and has suddenly fallen into the situation as her and Alf go to the police station. Given their ‘colourful’ encounters in the past, Morag thought she’d be the last person he’d turn to. She just wants to know one thing from him ‘ did he do it’ Kane looks her squarely in the eye and says no. She believes him and takes on his case. Later, Morag confides in Alf that the evidence against Kane is so damning that unless Gus surfaces to take the fall, Kane is in serious trouble. But underneath Peter believes Kane and wants to clear him, but at the moment there’s little he can do. As a gesture of good faith he lets Kane go home for the night. He’s not charging him’yet!

When he arrives at the Beach House, Kane pulls out the photo of his family from his wallet and tears it up in disgust. He’s furious at himself for letting Gus convince him he’d reformed. Peter’s had the uniforms searching for Gus, but they’ve found nothing. To make matters worse, a statement from the manager of the Yabbie Creek bus depot contradicts Kane’s version of the truth. Peter questions members of the community about Kane’s recent behaviour. Hayley eventually reveals how Kane had been short of cash recently and that last night he left work early because of a mysterious illness. Alf tells Peter that he offered Kane money yesterday, but Kane turned him down because he ‘had something up his sleeve’. Peter’s spirits are buoyed when he learns that phone records confirm that a call was made from the phone booth near the petrol station to Kane’s mobile. Finally some evidence to support Kane’s story!

When Kirsty finally finds out what’s happened, she races back from the city and into Kane’s arms. She feels incredibly guilty for pushing him to trust Gus. But their reunion is short-lived. Peter arrives with news that an eye-witness has come forward and positively identified Kane as the perpetrator. Kane will have to come back to the station for further questioning.


At the station Kane takes part in the line up and the witness positively identifies him. Kane’s reeling ‘ who would make up such a lie’ The eye-witness is Greg Harvey (the crook who demanded money from Gus. But no one at the station is aware of his connection to Gus). Kane is charged with armed robbery and is taken into custody, leaving Kirsty shattered.


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