Episode 3887

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2005

Kane struggles with the idea of a life behind bars. Robbie’s attempt to win Tasha back is a disaster. Irene attacks Peter over his treachery.


Extended Summary

Kane’s arrest has filtered through the town and once again the usual camps of opinion ‘ for and against – have formed. Morag’s put up $10,000 bail for Kane. He reckons it’s a safe bet – there’s no way he’d run when he hasn’t done anything wrong. Back at the Beach house, discussion centres on the eye-witness: who is it and why would they lie’ They need to find out if there’s a link with Gus’

Alf asks Morag about her reasons for bailing Kane out. She thinks he’s innocent, but Dalby was also on her mind. He and Kane are very similar in many ways and if Dalby found himself in a similar situation she hopes somebody would do the same for him.

Meanwhile at the beach, Robbie tries to win back Tasha with a heartfelt plea. But she reminds him of her earlier decision (she just wants to be friends) and walks off. Robbie calls out that he loves her and he’s not going to give up.

Kane thinks the eye-witness must be the man that Gus was stealing the money for – Greg. Morag thinks it’s a long shot, but she goes to Peter and asks him to make inquiries. A reluctant Peter agrees. Kirsty’s worried about the long-term effect this could all have on Kane (i.e. his trust and anger management problems). Kane thinks it’s ironic that the one time he’s actually innocent, he’s least likely to escape punishment!

At the Diner, a furious Irene rips into Peter for treating Kane as if he’s guilty. Later she attacks Colleen for a similar comment. Alf confronts her about the way she’s acting. She says she’s sick of the town turning against Kane. But worst of all, for a second she also believed Kane was guilty. It scared her. Suspicion’s fallen on Kane so many times and he’s won people over – but will he be able to do it again’

Peter defends himself to Leah ‘ he’s just doing his job. He’d love to believe Kane is innocent, but facts are facts. If charging Kane makes him enemies then so be it ‘ he’s not letting an armed robber get away with his crime just because they’re mates.

Robbie asks Scott for help in getting Tasha back. The result is a home-made perfume that Robbie calls ‘Tash’. The only problem is that when he sprays it on her, it not only smells awful, she gets a rash, which doesn’t make her happy! Robbie’s not giving up. He’s going to think of something so fantastic, she’ll have to take him back.

Peter reports back to Morag on the eye-witness situation – there is NO link between Gus and Greg Harvey. He’s a model citizen by all appearances. Kane doesn’t believe this. He wants to start his own investigation. Morag cautions against this – the best option is to track Gus down. Unfortunately, he could be anywhere. It looks like Kane’s facing a one-way ticket to the big house.