Episode 3888

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2005

Josie’s left reeling by Marc’s latest ultimatum. Sally and Flynn’s relationship is on the brink. Robbie is crushed by Tasha’s decision. Hyde and Irene go out on a date.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3880. Oversaw the beginning of new school year. Finally asked Irene out on a date.

Extended Summary

Jesse and Josie are back from a romantic trip down the coast and it’s obvious they are completely consumed with each other. Josie is throwing herself fully into the relationship now. The only thing holding her back is the secret she’s keeping about Marc.

Flynn assails Jesse with a barrage of complaints about Sally. The two of them are like ships in the night these days, and when they do have time to talk, all Flynn gets is whining! She whined when he wanted to quit work, and now she’s whining because he’s working too much and has no time for her and Pippa. Can’t she see that he’s doing it for them’! Meanwhile, Sally whinges to Irene that she’s sick of being a punching bag for Flynn’s moods. There’s a real sense their marriage is being badly affected.

Kane’s been making calls to track down Gus ‘ with no success. Kirsty’s sticking by her man. Irene’s concerned Kane will run again if things get tough, and Morag tells him unless Gus can be found ‘ his case looks dismal. Irene doesn’t think Hyde will follow through on his promise of a dinner date. But Beth drops subtle hints to him and Hyde surprises Irene by asking her out. It turns out great! These two are really warming to each other.

It’s the first day of school and the Hunter Kids are laying ground-rules for how Beth’s to act with them now she’s working for Hyde (as his secretary). She’s not to do anything that would affect their social standing. She thanks them wryly for their support.

Robbie’s intent on using the first day to win over Tasha. He makes a declaration of love over the school loud-speaker. Hyde is unimpressed and delivers a stinging punishment. Robbie thinks it was worth it to get Tasha back. Only problem: Tasha is mortified; she doesn’t want him back and if he keeps pushing it they won’t even be friends. A crushed Robbie realises the relationship is over.

Speaking of relationships on the brink, Sally and Flynn finally have the confrontation that’s been building for a week. Both of them think the other is in the wrong and it ends in a cold standoff.

Josie begs Marc not to destroy her relationship with Jesse. Marc says she should have thought of that before she used him and discarded him like a piece of rubbish ‘ just like all the others’He trails, having given too much away. Josie asks him what he actually wants from her. A little later he gives her the answer: money. Blackmail. She has until the next day to decide. If not, Jesse and Tasha will be told the truth. Josie struggles to control her rage in front of impervious Marc. She has a huge decision to make.