Episode 3889

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2005

Josie attempts to get rid of Marc for good. Hayley’s revelation devastates Scott. Flynn’s mistake puts Pippa’s life in danger. A surprise present for Leah puts her on top of the world.


Extended Summary

Josie tries to gauge Jesse’s reaction to her coming clean about sleeping with Marc. That way she doesn’t have to give in to Marc’s blackmail. Jesse deals her hopes a killer blow when he says the only thing he can’t abide in a lover is cheating. Feeling trapped, Josie nearly spills all to Hayley, but pulls back at the last moment. Instead she slinks back resignedly to Marc and agrees to pay him the blackmail money.

Sally and Flynn face the same ongoing problems. Flynn’s denies there’s even a problem. Flynn’s exhaustion and his inability to look after Pippa. Zoe is on the lookout for a place to stay and a moonlighting gig. She’s thinking of a van at the caravan park and babysitting for extra cash.

Hayley and Scott have organised a dinner together. Scott’s enthusiasm is so obvious that Alf slyly wonders if he’s trying to impress someone. Scott denies it, but at the lunch his hopes are stoked by Hayley’s revelation she’s ready to move on with her life if a relationship presents itself ‘ Noah would want her to be happy. But Scott’s hopes are quickly doused when Hayley thanks him for being such a good ‘friend’.


Leah receives a surprise present: six vouchers for a scenic plane trip. She thinks it’s so sweet and immediately pegs Dan as the man behind it. But he denies responsibility – it must be one of their friends. They decide to use the vouchers and take Tasha, Colleen, Kim and Hayley. Leah’s trying to set up Hayley and Kim, but Hayley says they’re just friends. Leah thinks she knows better.


Flynn’s exhaustion nearly puts baby Pippa in grave danger when he falls asleep while minding her and she crawls into the back yard. Sally arrives home and only just prevents an accident. She’s totally outraged at Flynn; he needs a serious reality check if he believes all is fine with his life. Flynn’s forced to face up to the reality of the situation. He tries to apologise to Sally but Zoe arrives and Sally exits the scene. Zoe picks up the ‘problem’ vibe and suggests Flynn prepare a surprise for Sally to set things right. At first he doesn’t care for her impudent suggestion but then realises she might actually be on to something. He’s going to prepare a special dinner for Sally that very evening.

At the juice bar, Jesse nearly springs Josie when he accidentally finds a huge wad of cash in her bag (it’s the blackmail money for Marc). She covers her uneasiness with annoyance that he was in her bag, and she gets off the hook. Josie hands over the blackmail money to Marc, thinking it’s the last she’ll see of the leech – wrong. She’s stunned to find him at the Juice Bar later on that day, talking to Jesse. Turns out he’s come into some money, found himself an apartment, got a job with the fire brigade and is very much looking forward to making Summer Bay his home! Josie’s anger and fear rise in equal measure as she realises this is far from over.