Kim Hyde

Kimberley Jonathan Hyde (2004-2007)
Chris Hemsworth
Episodes: 36774452

Date of Birth: 21st October 1986

Parents: Barry Hyde & Kerry Stevens (deceased)
Siblings: Jonathan Hyde (deceased)
Marital status: Hayley Lawson (2005, engaged); Rachel Armstrong (2006-2007, divorced)
Children: Archie Hyde

Occupation: Student; Lifeguard; Waiter; Personal Trainer; Manager of Summer Bay Super Bods

Kim arrived in Summer Bay after his father became Summer Bay High’s newest and most hated Principal.

It was obvious that Kim and his father certainly don’t get along, with the pair arguing in Hyde’s office the first time they were reacquainted. In the argument, Kim revealed a little about his and Hyde’s history from their previous school. Kim quizzed his father on how he was going to stop the same thing happening in this school as what happened in the last, especially when half of the pupils already think he’s a Nazi. Hyde was quick to assure him that he wouldn’t let the same thing happen again, whatever that ‘thing’ may be.

From first impressions, Kim appeared to be very upfront in life. Apart from letting his father know just how much he disliked him, Kim also asked Robbie very blatantly if he was still a virgin after walking with him and his girlfriend Tasha on the beach. However, Robbie didn’t have much time to react as disaster struck. As the three were walking, they saw Noah surfing. Suddenly, he fell into a wave and lost consciousness. Without a second thought , Kim immediately dived in and swam to his rescue.

Later, Robbie and Tasha told Kim just how much they were impressed by his actions, but wondered why he hadn’t joined a Swimming Team as he was so advanced. He explained that he used to be in one but quit, and that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Kim and Hyde clashed on several occasions. When Tasha was upset and worrying about Robbie, Hyde tried to stop her from leaving school only for Kim to pull Hyde up and allow Tasha to escape. A huge row ensued with Kim telling Hyde that he was sick of Hyde trying to control everyone and Hyde threatening Kim only for Kim to respond that Hyde couldn’t threaten to kick him out anymore because his house was never a home. Hyde told him that he was nasty, ungrateful and selfish, just like his mother and Kim reacted violently, pinning Hyde against a wall and gloating that Kim was no longer scared of Hyde. Kim later moved temporarily into The Caravan Park House.

When Alf offered him a job at the Surf club as a Lifeguard, Kim told his father that he was quitting school but was annoyed when Alf would only let him work part-time. He eventually returned to school but was furious when he found out that Hyde knew that Kim was a father by his old girlfriend Brooke when Kim had been led to believe she had terminated the pregnancy. With Brooke refusing to have anything to do with Kim, he turned to Morag for help but eventually Barry intervened and Kim began to spend time with his new son Charlie and also began to warm to his father. With Tasha having bought him a share in The Gym, Kim dropped out of school and was surprised when Hyde puts up no objections. He later changed tack though refusing to let Kim perform at Noah’s concert unless he re-enrolled and Kim eventually did but the battle lines were redrawn. Hyde’s performance at Noah’s concert and his suggestion of a holiday for he and Kim bought the two seemingly back on track, again.

Matilda held a crush for Kim for a while and got all excited when she overheard Kim telling Robbie that he was going to ask his sister out. Unfortunately for Matilda, Kim was going to ask Kit out and when Matilda found out about it, she used her recently gained martial arts skills to throw Kim over her shoulder. Kim and Kit continued their relationship despite the fact that Kit was still at Uni. Right before Kit left for Paris with Scott on a trip he and Dani were meant to go on, she stayed there.

In the new year, Kim passed his driving test and went out on a camping trip with Robbie and Tasha. Whilst their Robbie stepped on a needle and his behaviour led to Kim being driven out of the Hunter house because of Robbie’s behaviour. Due to that he moved back into the beach house. He then went on a seaplane trip with other members of the bay, and whilst it crashed, he became close to housemate Hayley Lawson. Their relationship was just a brief fling, but during their time together they did sleep together.

Kim and new nurse Zoe started dating. They went on a picnic and whilst eating the sandwiches Zoe told Kim that she thought that she had heard something in the bushes. Whilst Kim checked the surrounding area, Zoe was seemingly attacked left with a bleeding arm, having apparently been attacked by the Summer Bay stalker. Kim and Zoe stayed together for a while, thought their relationship went through a few rough patches. Soon afterwards, whilst on a phone call to Zoe in her caravan, Zoe said that she had heard someone at the door and then Kim heard screams at Zoe was apparently attacked. Zoe then went missing and whilst she was revealing herself as the stalker, Kim was in the city and when he returned not only was he comfronted with the news that not only was she apparently dead, he had been dating the Summer Bay Stalker. However he was going to be the father of Hayley’s baby.

When Hayley and Scott broke up, Kim and Hayley soon got together since they were expecting a child, but it was obvious to some in the bay, including Hayley’s brother Will, that she wasn’t happy with him, despite her protestations that she was and she was only together with him because of the baby.

Hayley and Kim were happy. So happy that Kim proposed to her. First he tried to hide the engagement ring in a bowl of ice cream which he gave to Hayley. Having just come home from hospital, she was keen to eat some proper food, but maybe not as many bowls of ice cream as Kim had planned. She finally put the spoon down and said she couldn’t eat anymore. Oh dear- how was Kim going to solve this one? More ice cream perhaps?…

Nope, Hayley washed the rest of it down the sink! Kim frantically ran over to the kitchen to rescue the ring, but he had to dismantle nearly everything including the kitchen sink (quite literally) to get it back. Hayley saw the glimmering ring, and Kim popped the question.

Will she or won’t she?…was the question. After a few moments to think, she accepted Kim’s proposal. However, she still felt something for Scott.

When the wedding arrived it certainly wasn’t a beautiful sunny day for Scott, who was out in a storm with Amanda. A rescue team was sent out to rescue them, this of course confusing Hayley even more. After the storm, and a couple of hundred mishaps with the wedding marquee, Kim suggested that they postpone the wedding to a later date. Hayley admitted that she still loved Scott and called the wedding off.

Kim and Hayley were then history and Scott proposed to Hayley. Shortly after the engagement Scott got a call from a friend overseas who offered him work there.

Kim didn’t take the news of Scott wanting to take Hayley overseas to live, very well. They tried to reassure him that he could come and visit regularly and vice versa, but Kim wouldn’t have a bar of it. He was so angry, that he even punched Scott!

Not long after that, Kim was knocked down by a car. It was then discovered while he was in hospital, that he and Hayley’s baby didn’t share the same blood type, which meant that he wasn’t the real father- Scott was.

Everyone found out in the end, that the paternity results were switched by Zoe. Kim had just about come to the realisation that baby Noah wasn’t his, when Hayley and Scott left for Europe. He said his goodbyes to them and we also said goodbye to what seemed like a never ending storyline. Underneath all that though, Kim wasn’t coping very well. On the same night as Scott and Hayley left, Kim went partying and took drugs from Kylie who worked as the receptionist at the resort that Robbie and Kim visited.

He was thrown out of a car in the stormy 2006 season opener, and left for dead. But thanks to the determination of Dr.Rachel Armstrong, who was the first to see Kim lying on the ground unconscious, he was revived. Kim attended counselling sessions with Rachel to help deal with his grief after finding out about Noah. It was obvious that they liked each other, which led to their first session being very relaxed and open. So relaxed in fact, that they had a drink after work.

When the next session came though, Dr.Armstrong wasn’t so relaxed and told Kim, that she had to maintain a level of professionalism when dealing with her patients. He didn’t really want to hear that though. Kim serenaded Rachel and even brought her a rose. It wasn’t long after, that they started a relationship. That brought with it various problems though, including Dr.Helpman. Rachel had to fight to the bitter end to save her job which was under investigation because she was a counsellor and Kim was a patient.

Kim was there to support her all the way, even announcing in the Diner, that he was in love with her. Rachel was struck off the medical board for some time but was still able to carry on in other aspects of her medical career.

Everything was going fairly well for the pair of them, until Barry Hyde was convicted of murdering mayor Josh West. That came as a huge shock to Kim, who had mixed feelings about his father leaving Summer Bay. In due time he did leave and Kim managed to come around.

When Kim, Rachel, Robbie, Tasha and Elaine Armstrong, Rachel’s mother, went for a picnic, Elaine who suffered from severe memory loss was seen talking to an elderly lady called Doris McKinnon. Rachel found out that her grandson Charlie, was helping to take care of her. Charlie eventually become infatuated with Kim and Rachel. Charlie even kidnapped Rachel and tied her up in the Surf Club.

When Kim found out what was going on, he was not pleased. Whilst in the Surf Club, he pretended to be Charlie’s friend, as apparently Charlie didn’t have any as he was always looking after his gran. Kim knew that he had done something to Rachel, he just didn’t know what. While the rest of Summer Bay was gathered at Sally’s place for Jack and Martha’s engagement party, Kim was trying to work out where Rachel was. After a few drinks with Charlie, Kim asked if he would let him know where Rachel was. Charlie wasn’t going to tell him so Kim discreetly tried to use his mobile phone. Charlie soon worked out what Kim was doing. Rachel was just starting to wake up in the gym at the Surf Club when she started screaming for help.

Kim rushed in to help her but Charlie tried to get in his way. A fight ensued, which resulted in Charlie’s lung collapsing, which it had done on a previous occasion. Charlie was taken off to hospital, where Kim comforted Rachel after her ordeal.

Rachel was offered a place to work in a hospital in New York. It was an amazing opportunity for her which she turned down at first. But when Colleen blurted it out to Kim, he was soon to talk her around into the two of them going together.

With things going so great with Rachel, Kim decided it was time to propose. This time however, he didn’t put the ring in a bowl of ice cream – come to think of it – he didn’t even have a ring. She accepted and they were supposed to be leaving for New York two days later.

It was Jack and Martha’s wedding day and in due course, the guests arrived including Kit. Her and Kim were pleased to see each other and she congratulated him on his engagement to Rachel.

The following day, Kim and Rachel would have been on a plane to New York – that day never came. As at Jack and Martha’s wedding reception, Zoë McCallister showed up which resulted in a massive explosion. Rachel’s mother was taken to hospital with breathing difficulties, but it seemed as though she would make it. But that wasn’t to be the case, as she died later the same day. Kim tried to comfort Rachel, through her grief. Some of the victims of the explosion needed treatment at a special burns hospital in the city. Kim along with Martha, Robbie, Belle and Kit were airlifted to the hospital by helicopter. The helicopter crashed which resulted in them being lost in the bush for weeks. Whilst Rachel was on a downward spiral back home, in the bush, Kim was fighting to stay alive. On what he and Kit thought was their last night alive, they spent the night together. The next day however, they were rescued and both made a full recovery.

During a counselling session, Rachel overheard Kim and Kit talking about what happened in the Bush as Kim hadn’t turned his phone off properly. She was shocked and it took a while for her to accept what had happened. But Kit left shortly afterwards, which started to make things easier.

While he was on the beach training with Colleen and the bowls ladies, one of Kim’s clients, Tara O’Neil told Kim that he was burning up and that his temperature was overly high. She was right, as later on that day he collapsed on the beach.

Rachel rushed to the beach when Tara told her what had happened. She diagnosed him as having the mumps.

Tara seemed to like Kim which at one stage, made Rachel feel jealous but Kim was quick to reassure her, that nothing was going on. Tara later accused Kim of assaulting her whilst he was training her in one of his gym classes. When Rachel found out, she was shocked. At first, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing and even thought that it might have been true. But it was clear that Tara was making up lies. After a police investigation Kim’s name was cleared, as Rachel managed to get Tara to admit that she was telling lies about Kim so that she could get attention from her dad, who was a police officer.

There wasn’t a moment in Kim’s life that wasn’t full of drama. Not long after the assault charges were dropped, Kim found out that he couldn’t have children because of the mumps he contracted in the bush after the helicopter crash. Rachel was upset, as she eventually wanted to start a family with Kim.

With Kim not being able to have children of his own, Rachel was keen to get his thoughts on adoption. With the arrival of baby Joe, the son of Lee Morton, Rachel found it hard to accept that her and Kim would never have a child of their own. However, Lee didn’t want to look after Joe and set about putting him up for adoption. After taking care of him for a few days, Rachel started to feel very attached to him, so much so that she told Kim that she wanted to adopt him. Kim was shocked by Rachel’s proposal as they had agreed that they would wait a couple of years before going down that route. But Kim loved having little Joe around. so he and Rachel agreed to adopt him.

On the eve of Kim and Rachel’s wedding came their bucks and hens night. It was rather less enjoyable for the boys as half the time they were searching around for the wedding rings as they had lost them.

The big day finally arrived and so did baby Joe! Whilst Rachel was getting ready, Kim was ‘galavanting around the countryside’ as Alf put it! Yes, Kim was in search of a jeweller. A guy on a motorbike came up and offered him a ride back to Summer Bay but he only took him half the way, which resulted in Kim having to ride a horse to get there! Eventually he made it and was given a round of applause as he rode towards the guests on the horse.

After pledging their vows, Kim and Rachel were pronounced husband and wife. But no Summer Bay wedding ever goes smoothly does it?!

Lee Morton rocked up at Kim and Rachel’s place, hours after the ceremony, asking to see baby Joe. No’surely not, never’ yep you got it, Lee wanted her son back and Kim was going to be left heartbroken again. Rachel took it badly, but she knew that she had to give him back. So she passed baby Joe back over to Lee and watched as she took him away.

Kim wasn’t going to be childless for very long though as four days after Kim and Rachel’s wedding, Kit showed up on their doorstep announcing that she was expecting his child. Though Rachel tried her best to accept the new development, it caused problems between them, especially when Kit returned to the Bay and seemed to need Kim’s support night and day. Pulled between two women, Kim attempted to please both but after some trouble with her ex James, Kit and Kim began to grow closer.

The birth of Kim’s son Archie, took place in typical eventful style. Forced off the road by a road traffic accident and stuck in the middle of nowhere thanks to a flat tyre, Kim delivered his son and almost lost Kit in the process. She recovered only to be dealt the devastating blow that her mother had died. Though Rachel was initially sympathetic, Kit’s increased reliance on Kim put further pressure on their fragile marriage, especially when Kit announced that she was still in love with him and the two shared a kiss.

He attempted to patch things up with Rachel, even going along with her plan to start a family but it became clear his heart wasn’t really in it. When Kit decided to take Archie back to the city, Kim was devastated and pushed Rachel further away. For a few weeks Kim was undecided between both women but the revelation that Rachel had slept with her best friend Hugh and Kit finally moving away, pushed him into making a decision.

He chose Kit and in his final episode returned to the Bay with her to collect his things and say goodbye. Rachel, who had to that point, hoped they might patch things up, was devastated to see Kim with Kit and she broke down in tears as he drove out of the Bay for a new life in the city with Kit and Archie.