Archie Hyde

Archie Hyde (2007)
Astrid McGill; Annabel Bramley; Gigi Pelizzari; Max Hall; Logan Pouliou; Avalon Sambrook; Satine Rizzo; Aliyah Stewart; Evie Diack; Leanardo Warr
Episodes: 44014452

Parents: Kim Hyde and Kit Hunter

Archie was born in the bush like his cousin, Noah. After his bush-delivery, Archie was rushed to hospital along with Kit, who had started fitting just after she gave birth to him. He was checked out by the doctors and nurses at the NDH and was handed over to Kit once she had woken up.

Joy was soon to turn into emotion as Tony had to deliver the news that Beth, Archie’s grandmother, had died in a car accident. With Kit having to deal with the loss of Beth, Kim looked after Archie when she wasn’t able to.

Colleen had some tickets that she gave to Kim and Kit that entitled them to some professional photos to be taken of them and Archie. They headed to the beach with the photographer to take the photos.

Kit had a health scare with Archie when his temperature started to rise. She took him to see Rachel who was going to treat him but when Rachel made a comment about Kit pressing the panic button whenever Archie was unwell, she decided to take him home and wait for a GP. For some reason the doctor didn’t come and Archie started to get worse. She took him back to see Rachel and was told that he had a viral infection. He was put in the nursery so that he could recover.

After Kim made the decision to leave Rachel, he decided to live with Kit and Archie in the city.