Episode 4452

Australian Air Date: 3rd July 2007

Kim finally makes the painful choice between Rachel and Kit. Cassie is excited to be offered her first job. Alf seeks medical advice for his failing eyesight and isn’t pleased by the outcome.

Extended Summary

After Rachel confessed to sleeping with Hugh, Kim took off and has turned up at Kit’s boarding house room door. Kit, having gone to the city because it was too painful being around Kim when he was married to someone else, initially won’t let him in, but eventually relents. This is tough on Kit who tries to remain in self preservation mode, but keeps letting her guard down. She eventually let’s Kim stay the night – she is in the bed with Kim on top of it. The next day, Kim baby-sits Archie, has a run-in with the Landlord, and then starts packing up Kit’s things. Kit finally takes a stand – she makes the decisions not Kim.

Later, the pair bond over Archie again… and Kit realises she’s now back in the same place she was before she left the Bay. She lays down the law – she doesn’t want to see Kim again unless he leaves Rachel and declares his love for her. Kim reluctantly leaves. Later, when doing some serious soul searching he gets a moment of clarity and decides what he really wants. He wants kit and Archie, he’ll leave Rachel. Kit is delighted with his decision and the family head back to Summer Bay for Kim to collect his things and break the tragic news to Rachel. Sadly, Rachel sees Kim with Kit and Archie before Kim has a chance to talk to her, and she’s devastated. The couple finally talk, and it’s heartbreaking – what looked like a “marriage made in heaven” is over and Kim drives away from the bay for one final time.

Alf isn’t dealing very well without his driver’s licence and isn’t keen to visit a doctor to get his eyesight problem properly diagnosed – he’s fearful that he has hereditary glaucoma as it nearly sent his father blind. When Alf is finally coaxed into the doctor’s surgery he gets little satisfaction, the findings aren’t conclusive and more tests need to be done.

A side effect of Alf being “grounded without wheels” is that the Surf Club workload has become too much for him and Martha to manage by themselves. Martha advertises for part-time help, and when Cassie applies Martha offers her the position. Cassie’s ecstatic, Sally isn’t! Sally believes Cassie’s new job would eat into her study time and hinder her chances in the HSC. After initially refusing to let Cassie take the job Sally eventually agrees to let her do a two week trial – a trial Cassie is determined to make it work.

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