Episode 4451

Australian Air Date: 2nd July 2007

Alf nearly runs down Sally while driving illegally. Kim and Rachel’s marriage is in tatters. Brad’s negligence results in Colleen getting a very unpleasant surprise.

Extended Summary

When Rachel confesses to Kim that she slept with Hugh, he is so hurt and confused that he refuses to discuss the issue and walks out on her. Kim spends most of his day in the Gym but he’s unable to work. He abuses a regular customer and puts up the closed sign. He tries to take his pain and frustration out on a punching bag but to no avail and eventually puts his fist into a door. No one seems to be able to get through to Kim – Alf tries and is ignored. Jack gets him talking but can’t convince him that there may have been reasons why Rachel did what she did. Jack can’t get Kim to go home and sort things out either. Martha has an early run in with Kim and later shocks him with some home truths – revealing how Hugh wanted Rachel to ditch Kim and run away with him. Kim’s shocked but even that’s not enough to convince him to head home and talk things through with his wife.

Rachel spends her whole day waiting for Kim but he never makes it home and it seems like her worst nightmare may be unfolding when it’s Kit’s boarding house door that Kim comes knocking on in the middle of the night.

Sally finds that the endless waiting for the department to make a decision as to whether or not they’ll reinstate Brad as school principal is taking a toll on him. He seems unmotivated and is ignoring the needs of the people around him. Brad admits that it’s hard to remain optimistic but didn’t think he was treating anyone any differently. But the convictions begin to mount up as Brad forgets to help Cassie prepare for a maths test, fails to notice that Alf has some personal issues, and he still hasn’t fixed Colleen’s dodgy septic system. Worse, Brad is totally unaware of Rachel’s problems with Kim. Sally eventually opens Brad’s eyes to the issues and he promises to get his act together starting with the department. He’s going to get his solicitors to put a rocket up them!

Having stopped Alf for a random breath test where he failed to produce his driver’s licence Jack subsequently learns that the licence has expired. It seems to have slipped Alf’s mind and he promises to get it seen to. Martha wants it done ASAP as there’s only Alf and her running the Surf Club, supplies are low and the workload is high. That aside she thinks they need another pair of hands anyway. Alf’s against the idea but he does eventually get to the RTA but is denied a licence when he fails the eye test. He’s determined to finish collecting the supplies anyway. When Sally hears that he is going to drive illegally she tries to stop him, but Alf doesn’t see her and almost runs her down. The game’s up and Alf confides that his dad almost went blind with the hereditary disease glaucoma and Alf fears he has it too.

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