Episode 4450

Australian Air Date: 29th June 2007

Jack is stunned to learn that Alf has lost his drivers licence. Martha struggles to help Alf face his fear of getting old. Will Rachel ruin her last chance of saving her marriage?

Extended Summary

Rachel is waiting for Kim to come home for their romantic dinner. But when he does finally arrive, she’s shocked to learn that Kit has left the Bay. Thinking that Kim is upset because he won’t see his baby son, Rachel tries to buoy him – but a guilty and very confused Kim rejects her offer and moves off, leaving Rachel more confused than ever about the state of their marriage.

Kit is also feeling confused. The only accommodation she can afford in the city is shabby and uncomfortable and she’s worried about whether she’s doing the right thing by Archie. And when Kim rings her, she struggles to hide just how devastated she’s feeling at having lost him. Meanwhile, Kim admits to Jack that he kissed Kit. Jack’s stunned – but not judgmental. Instead he counsels Kim to tell Rachel the truth about his feelings for Kit. It’s sound advice and Kim takes it onboard uneasily.

Alf is not in a good mood – and his day doesn’t improve when Constable Jack Holden pulls him over for a roadside breath test. Jack asks to see Alf’s licence and notes that Alf seems a bit edgy as he admits that he hasn’t got it on him. And when he discovers that Alf has in fact lost his licence, he fronts Alf who admits that he lost it because he failed his eye test. Martha and Jack are stunned and even more worried when Alf tells them he’s worried he’s got glaucoma, just like his own dad. Martha is upset to realise that Alf could possibly go blind – and Jack is put in the uncomfortable position of telling Alf that he can’t get behind the wheel again. It’s a difficult situation, but it only gets worse when a stunned Martha learns that Alf refuses to stop driving. Can she stand back and let Alf put himself and others at risk?

Risk is also on Rachel’s mind as she tells Leah that she’s going to come clean to Kim about her relationship with Hugh. A very worried Leah counsels against rushing into this decision, but Rachel has convinced herself that it’s the only way to save her troubled marriage. Little does she know that Kim, too, has decided to tell her about his feelings for Kit, but when he learns that Rachel slept with Hugh, he reacts with fury and storms out. This leaves Rachel with the unhappy realisation that her gamble to save her marriage seems to have failed.

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