Episode 3890

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2005

Still oblivious to Josie’s infidelity, Jesse proposes marriage. Flynn goes to drastic lengths to save his marriage. A scenic plane ride takes a devastating turn.

First episode. Pilot who chartered the doomed sea-plane carrying Leah, Dan, Colleen, Hayley, Kim and Tasha.

Extended Summary

Excitement builds over the scenic charter flight, but still no-one knows who actually sent the vouchers. Hayley tells Jesse how Josie came to her in tears, but wouldn’t reveal the problem. Jesse says he’ll look into it. Josie claims the tears were of happiness over her love for him. She felt silly for taking so long to commit. Jesse is touched, but we know she’s covering. Marc tells Josie he’s not going anywhere. In fact he expects money on a regular basis!

Dan’s bought an engagement ring for Leah and has decided to give it to her in the plane. Jesse overhears Dan comment on how it feels ‘right’ for them to be engaged and how silly it is to wait because others think it’s too soon. Jesse takes this in and later surprises Josie by pulling out a ring and asking her to marry him! It’s the last thing Josie expected. She wants to be sure he’s sure and not feeling pressured. Jesse insists he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. That’s enough for Josie – YES ‘ she’ll marry him!


Hayley notices Scott acting weirdly around her. He assures her everything’s fine between them. But we see how much it’s costing him to have these unrequited feelings’and so does the eagle-eyed Alf.

Flynn’s set up a romantic dinner for him and Sally at home. Sally has trepidations; one glass of champagne isn’t going to undo the wrongs. Flynn’s apology is heartfelt. Although he can’t step away from his work at the hospital (because they need the money), the old problems will stop; today is a new beginning.

Tasha tells Kim she’s happy Robbie’s stopped pestering her. She feels bad about how things have panned out, but perhaps in time they can work things out.

Irene pulls out of the scenic flight, meaning Tasha is a late replacement. Scott and Alf see the six friends off on their flight, and Alf once again senses Scott’s awkwardness around Hayley. He thinks Scott needs to tell her outright how he’s feeling. But Scott won’t entertain the possibility. He’s convinced Hayley sees him only as a friend and he doesn’t want to ruin that relationship.

Engagement celebrations continue for Josie and Jesse. Marc’s congratulations are another reminder to Josie of his ability to destroy her bliss. Alf queries why the plane hasn’t returned, but Scott isn’t worried. He should be – the plane has crashed on an isolated beach inlet. It lies in smoking, ruinous oblivion’and not one sound emanates from the seven people on board’

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