Episode 3891

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2005

Summer Bay is in turmoil as the plane crash tragedy unfolds.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3888. Frantically joined in the search for the missing sea-plane, concerned over Kim’s fate.
Final episode. Died from severe head injuries following the plane crash. Non-speaking role in this episode.

> ‘The Stalker’ cannot be Irene, Leah, Dan, Colleen, Hayley or Kim as they are on board the doomed sabotaged sea-plane.

Extended Summary

The celebrations for Josie and Jesse’s engagement continue with Marc needling Josie by making a big deal of the pairing and proposing toasts. Meanwhile Alf gets increasingly worried about the lateness of the charter plane.


Out at the plane crash site, it becomes apparent that everyone has survived except for Benny Baron the unfortunate pilot. Tasha however, has been trapped by twisted metal.


At the Surf Club, Alf gets on the phone to the plane company and the problem becomes apparent. Alf immediately swings into action – initiating the SES. The plane’s EPIRB isn’t working, so the position is unknown. The plan is to send a chopper out, identify the plane, and let rescuers go in on foot. At the plane, it’s discovered that the radio is dead, mobiles aren’t working, Kim has damaged ribs and Tasha’s starting to find breathing difficult. Dan and Kim finally get her out but her condition is deteriorating. They need to get her to a hospital fast!


The rescue team is nearly set, when Robbie comes in and finds out what’s going on. He immediately becomes concerned, and wants to go along. Finally Marc calms him down. Hyde comforts Irene and takes the opportunity to intimate that they will have a second date. Meanwhile the first chopper run has been unsuccessful – no sighting. Scott thinks they must have crashed deep in scrubland. Panic rises at the Surf Club – what now?

At the plane, the survivors debate whether to stay with the plane, or split up and try to find help. It’s decided to stay with the plane for now. But Tasha’s condition is worsening (even though Leah’s found a first-aid kit) and Colleen’s panicked gibbering isn’t helping. Finally Leah snaps at her. Colleen explains tearfully that it’s the only way she knows to deal with the fear.

It’s turmoil at the Surf Club as people disagree on the best course of action to take. Marc shows leadership and strength and comes up with a plan that everyone agrees to (much to the chagrin of Josie). Robbie goes with the search party – despite resistance. When they’re gone, Josie and Irene clash when Josie suggests they start preparing for the worst. Nerves are on edge. Lives and loves are at risk.

Alf receives a call from the bush search party: smoke has been reported rising from nearby scrubland. There’s great excitement. Meanwhile at the crash site, Kim and Dan decide to light their only flare. They set it off just as the searchers reach the smoke source…only to find it’s a smouldering campsite fire. There’s huge deflation amongst the rescuers.

Back by the plane, they’re still waiting for help. But now we know – it’s not coming…

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