13 Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 13th to 16th May

Next week on Neighbours, Paul plays cupid, Felix breaks JJ’s heart again, Harold’s Cafe is under threat and Victor’s arrival rocks the boat.

Here’s everything coming up on Neighbours next week, from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th May.

1) Susan and Terese continue to clash

This week saw Susan (Jackie Woodburne) take issue with Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) management style when she started her new job as Operations Manager at Eirene Rising.

Susan soon found herself doing menial tasks which she deemed more suited to Terese’s construction-focussed role than her own operations role.

When the pair headed back to Ramsay Street after their first day working together, Terese had nothing but good things to say to husband Toadie (Ryan Moloney), while Susan opened up to Karl (Alan Fletcher) that she feared she’d made a mistake taking the job.

Next week, Susan approaches the day with a new attitude, determined to make things work. She draws up a chart detailing her responsibilities, hoping that it’ll prevent any misunderstandings going forward.

Yet Terese can’t help but rework Susan’s plan when she sees it, and when she nervously asks Susan if she minds the changes she’s made, Susan sheepishly tells her that she’s fine with it.

Now both of them can feel the awkwardness in the air, and when they confide in their respective partners, Karl and Toadie urge them to communicate.

Unfortunately, the women are keen to let things be, which is only going to lead to more tension in the weeks ahead…

2) Will Remi go for a new job?

Doctor Remi (Naomi Rukavina) secured herself a post at Erinsborough Hospital soon after she and wife Cara (Sara West) moved from Werribee to Erinsborough, and next week sees the potential for an exciting promotion.

Karl suggests that Remi apply for the now-vacant Senior Medical Officer role at the hospital, but she decides that with so much going on in her private life, now isn’t the right time.

She considers running the idea by Cara, but soon decides against it. Later, she can’t help but take another look at the application, catching the eye of fellow doc Gavin Bowman (Cameron MacDonald), who recently made his first appearance as Haz’s (Shiv Palekar) doctor.

Gavin insists that he isn’t interested in the job himself, but that he’s more than happy to do a pros and cons list to help a conflicted Remi make her decision.

Remi is slightly thrown but appreciative of Gavin’s offer… but is there more to the friendly new doctor than meets the eye?

3) Paul plays cupid for Krista and Leo

With Paul (Stefan Dennis) newly single following Chelsea’s (Viva Bianca) secret being exposed, he’s determined to play cupid for Krista (Majella Davis) and Leo (Tim Kano), blaming his former fiancée for their split.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

He ropes in Cara to set up a romantic brunch for the pair at Lassiters’ rotunda, before telling Krista to meet him there for a ‘work catch up’.

Yet he’s soon busted by Leo, who sees them setting up the scene, and warns Paul that he’s too hurt to give things with Krista another go.

Paul feels like he’s failed and heads to the rotunda to pack up the brunch, only to be caught out by Krista, who’s arrived early and realises what he’s planning.

He feels terrible, until Krista tells him she doesn’t want his hard work to go to waste, and asks him to join her instead.

As Paul and Krista’s friendship blossoms, is there any hope for Leo and Krista to reconcile?

4) Andrew takes JJ to see Felix

This week saw JJ (Riley Bryant) discover via Dex (Marley Williams) that it was their mums who warned Felix (Riley Bryant) to reject any future contact with him.

He’d been sending his dad letter after letter, but all were sent straight back ‘return to sender,’ leaving the teen heartbroken.

Next week, Andrew (Lloyd Will) drops by No. 30 to check on JJ, where he learns he’s still frosty with his mums. Later, Cara suggests to Remi that maybe they could let JJ see Felix after all, giving him the chance to learn first-hand what a deadbeat his dad is.

Remi still isn’t sure, and the pair agree to park the idea and discuss it again another time.

Yet Andrew soon gets a call from the prison, informing him that Felix isn’t well and is asking to see him. As he and Wendy (Candice Leask) discuss the pros and cons, they’re unaware that Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) is listening in, and she soon tells JJ, encouraging him to tag along when Andrew visits.

JJ then confronts Andrew, begging him to take him to see his father. While conflicted, he eventually concedes and grants JJ his wish.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

As the pair head to Waratah Prison, Andrew initially goes in alone. Felix shares with him that his illness has given him time to consider all that he’s lost, and Andrew suggests that there’s something he can put right there and then.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

5) JJ is left heartbroken

As JJ and Felix finally get a reunion, JJ is thrilled to have an audience with his biological dad. He explains how upset he was that his letters were returned, but that he knows it was only because of his mums’ request.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Yet Felix quickly sets JJ straight, explaining that he’d have cut ties anyway, as he’s not looking for a son or a friend.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

While Andrew thanks Felix for his honesty, he makes clear that he wants nothing more to do with him, closing the door on his brother for good.

Back on Ramsay Street, Cara and Remi try to make sense of Andrew’s decision to take JJ to see his dad without running it by them. However, they’ve got more important things to do, as they and Dex rally around a devastated JJ, who feels like he’s lost his father all over again.

Despite the heartache, the family are reunited and appreciative of Andrew for helping them close this chapter.

6) Mackenzie battles to save Harold’s Cafe

With Haz in hospital, Mackenzie (Georgoei Stone) is already struggling to juggle her day job with caring for her ex-boyfriend, but a shock discovery is about to leave her busier than ever.

She’s stunned when she sees that Lassiters are advertising for a tenant to take over Harold’s Cafe. She goes straight to Toadie, who informs her that the hotel is well within their rights to take the action.

Heading back to the hospital, she tells an unconscious Haz that she’ll find a way to save his beloved coffee shop as a way of fixing her mistakes.

Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) catches the tail end of the one-way conversation and assumes Mack is referring to accidentally running over Haz… but while Mack goes along with her assumption, it’s clear that she was apologising for another as-yet-unknown act.

The following day, after some inspirational business advice from new arrival Victor (see below), Mackenzie re-opens the café, pulling in favours from her neighbours to get it up and running.

Wendy is soon putting her hospitality savvy to good use, while Susan works in the kitchen, and the customers return in droves. Yet despite the successful re-opening, Mackenzie remains troubled.

Worried for her friend, Holly pushes Mackenzie to open up about her ongoing guilt. Emotional, Mackenzie is finally ready to unburden herself…

7) Victor Stone arrives

Next week sees Jane’s (Annie Jones) ex-husband Victor Stone (Craig Hall) make an unexpected arrival on Ramsay Street, as he turns up at No. 24.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Nicolette (Hannah Monson) is delighted to see her dad, but Byron (Xavier Molyneux) is much less impressed by his absent father’s presence, with Jane equally suspect as to his motives.

Nic claims that Victor is only there to spend quality time with his kids, but Byron and Jane think there’s more to it than that. Their suspicions are soon confirmed when Victor admits he’s got cashflow issues and asks Byron if he can stay with him at No. 32.

Byron is unsure, but begrudgingly asks Mackenzie if she’d be okay with an extra houseguest.

As Byron explains his troubled relationship with his dad, Mackenzie opens up about her difficult relationship with her own father, and encourages Byron to take Victor at his word – life is too short.

Byron reluctantly tells his dad that he’s welcome to stay, and Vic is pleased to have quality time with his son, admitting that he’s been an unreliable father.

Yet it soon becomes clear that he’s hiding a secret, when he logs into his bank account to reveal that he has over £1 million sitting in it. Why is he lying about his money woes?

8) Sadie discovers a secret

Victor is keen to spend quality time with both Byron and Nicolette, but his unsolicited life advice rubs them both up the wrong way.

Heading to ex-wife Jane, he asks her for advice on reconnecting with his children, but Jane is still suspicious of his motives and coldly tells him that the only answer is to put in the time.

When he returns to his new home at the sharehouse, he busts Sadie (Emerald Chan) looking at his laptop. While she only had an innocent glance, she saw something truly alarming, which Victor begs her to keep a secret.

Sadie declares that his family deserve to know, but he insists that it’s his decision to make.

As Sadie agrees to stay quiet, just what is it that the newcomer is so desperate to hide?

9) Karl is left embarrassed again

Karl is determined to put the poo-cycler rumours behind him and encourages Aaron (Matt Wilson) to join him on a bike ride.

As the pair head out, the exercise is just what Aaron needs, but Karl is put out when he thinks a group of younger riders are mocking him.

He confronts them, assuming they’re laughing at the Dr Pooper rumours, but he only ends up spreading the legend to the oblivious cyclists.

Trying to make amends, Karl suggests that the riders join forces with he and Aaron, only to be shot down when the leader explains that they’re an under-40s group, leading Karl to stew in what feels like fresh humiliation.

10) Jane unleashes fury upon Victor

Victor asks Byron if he can invite Jane over to No. 32, but when Jane arrives, she wrongly assumes that her supposedly broke ex-husband is going to ask her for a loan.

Instead, Victor surprises Jane with a sincere apology for the way he treated her, explaining that he’s had time to reflect and has realised that marrying her was the truest thing he ever did.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

An exasperated Jane cuts him off, demanding that he admits he wants a loan. Victor assures her that he doesn’t need the money, but Jane won’t be convinced, and rips him a new one.

As Nicolette tries to convince her mum that Victor may be being sincere, Jane spots a vase on the table – the same one that used to belong to Mrs Mangel, which Victor sold off years beforehand without her consent.

Jane’s shock gives away to fury, until Victor explains that he’d always kept an eye out for the heirloom, eventually stumbling upon it at an estate sale.

Jane’s fury soon fades and she finds herself thankful, giving Byron and Nicolette some hope that their parents can put their issues behind them.

11) Byron gets the wrong idea

Later, Sadie once again tries to convince Victor to come clean, but he insists he needs to do things his own way.

Unfortunately, Byron walks in just as Victor innocently places his hand on Sadie’s arm.

Misreading the situation, he encourages Sadie to tell him if his dad is making her feel uncomfortable, but Sadie dismisses his concerns, as she continues to hold onto Victor’s secret.

12) Is Haz finally waking up?

Holly tells Mackenzie that the only way she’ll get over her guilt is if she confesses her secret to Haz.

Taking her friend’s advice, Mackenzie tells a comatose Haz that she’s been hiding something. Yet she assures him that despite her actions, she can’t imagine life without him, as she wills him to wake up.

Ben King / Amazon Freevee

Later, encouraged by her act of honesty, she confronts Paul, demanding him to reconsider his plans to find a new Harold’s leaseholder. As she assures him that they can keep the business going, Paul finally caves – Harold’s Cafe is saved!

Back at the hospital, as Mackenzie updates Haz and clears his room, she doesn’t notice his hand twitching. Is he finally waking up?

13) Abigail is in trouble

With Chelsea out of their lives, Krista and Paul set about removing any trace of her from Lassiters.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

When Leo spots dealer Shannon trying to talk to Krista at the complex, he rushes in and scares her off. Yet Krista quickly turns on him, telling him that he doesn’t need to swoop in and ‘save her’ – he’s made his feelings clear about not wanting to be with her.

After Leo retorts that it was Krista who ended things in the first place, the two stride off, leaving Paul disappointed by the tense stalemate.

When Shannon returns for another attempt at tempting Krista, she’s soon put in her place – but nobody sees that she accidentally drops a small bag of pills onto the grass.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

When Paul and Leo later discuss Paul’s plans to head to New York to see his family, neither of them are aware that Abigail has stumbled across the bag…

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 13th May (Episode 9040 / 137)

Remi is tempted by a promising proposal.

Paul tries his hand at playing cupid.

JJ makes a last ditch bid to see Felix.

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 9041 / 138)

JJ faces a hard truth. Mackenzie’s guilt grows.

A surprise guest on Ramsay street upsets the status quo.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 9042 / 139)

Mackenzie works to correct her wrongs.

Karl faces a fresh humiliation.

Sadie is challenged when she discovers a big secret.

Thursday 16th May (Episode 9043 / 140)

Jane finds life becoming increasingly complicated.

Mackenzie grapples with her personal dilemma.

Abigail finds something she shouldn’t.

Monday 20th May (Episode 9044 / 141)

A mistake puts Abigail’s life at risk.

Karl’s last day doesn’t go to plan.

Toadie crosses a boundary.

Tuesday 21st May (Episode 9045 / 142)

Karl is twice surprised.

Toadie confronts an uncomfortable truth.

A surprise visitor challenges Mackenzie.

Wednesday 22nd May (Episode 9046 / 143)

Mackenzie works through her feelings for Haz.

Karl’s determined to clear his name of dirty business.

Sadie struggles under the burden of Vic’s secret.

Thursday 23rd May (Episode 9047 / 144)

Nicolette and Byron digest some shocking news.

Mackenzie is worried about her uncertain future.

Cara attempts to get JJ a job.

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