Neighbours Spoilers – Jane’s ex-husband Victor Stone arrives

Next week on Neighbours, Jane’s oft-mentioned ex-husband Victor Stone arrives with a secret, as he upsets the status quo on Ramsay Street.

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) made her first appearance way back in July 1986, just over a year after Neighbours made its debut in March 1985.

Better known as ‘Plain Jane Superbrain’, she was a regular character until she left the show in 1989, leaving behind her fiancé Des Clarke (Paul Keane), whom she eventually went on to (briefly) marry in 2020.

Jane made a brief return to our screens in 2005 when Annalise Hartman (Kimberley Davies) produced a documentary about past residents of Ramsay Street, and returned again in 2018 as a recurring guest, before 2020 saw her become a permanent character once again.

2020 also saw the introduction of Jane’s daughter Nicolette (then played by Charlotte Chimes, now Hannah Monson), the product of her marriage to a man named Victor Stone.

Jane with the original Nicolette, then played by Charlotte Chimes

In 2022, shortly before the show’s final episodes, we were introduced to Nicolette’s brother Byron (then played by Joe Klocek, now Xavier Molyneux), a recent law graduate who shocked his mum when he revealed that he was now working as an escort.

The original Byron Stone, played by Joe Klocek

We don’t know much about Jane’s many years away from Ramsay Street, but we do know that she moved to London, and fell out with her daughter after Nicolette revealed that she was a lesbian, a fact Jane wanted to keep from Nicolette’s old-fashioned grandmother Nell Mangel (Vivean Gray).

We also know very little about her marriage to Victor, other than that Victor remained in contact with Nicolette when she was estranged from Jane, and continued to spoil her.

Now, having overcome all of their initial tensions, Jane, Nicolette and Byron are living harmoniously on Ramsay Street – so what better time than for Victor to make an appearance, with the new arrival set to upset the status quo?

Jane with newly recast Nicolette and Byron, now played by Hannah Monson and Xavier Molyneux

Played by Craig Hall, Victor will make his debut appearance on Tuesday 14th May, with new spoilers photos showing him turning up unannounced at No. 24 Ramsay Street.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He’s all smiles in the new photos, but is there more to Victor than meets the eye?

The episode after his arrival, “Sadie is challenged when she discovers a big secret,” and this secret is soon revealed to be related to the new arrival.

On Wednesday 22nd May, “Sadie struggles under the burden of Vic’s secret,” and in the following day’s episode, “Nicolette and Byron digest some shocking news.”

What is Victor hiding, and why has he returned now?

Many fans have wondered whether the oft-mentioned Victor would eventually show up, especially with no end in sight to Jane’s long-distance relationship with Mike Young (Guy Pearce).

Mike is played by Hollywood actor Guy Pearce, and he returned for Neighbours’ then-final episodes in June 2022, where he reunited with ’80s sweetheart Jane. Mike purchased No. 24, and the pair lived there together for the year (or two years in the Neighbours universe) that the show was off our screens.

When the show’s return was announced in 2023, it left producers with the tricky task of how to continue the pair’s relationship, with a full-time return for Guy Pearce seeming nigh on impossible.

Guy made a brief return early on, where we saw Mike and Jane on holiday in England, but since then he has only returned via infrequent video calls to Jane.

Mike was offered a job with a motorbike tour company, and has extended his UK trip on a number of occasions, leaving Jane feeling increasingly down about the never-ending nature of their long-distance relationship.

As “Jane finds life becoming increasingly complicated,” will Victor’s arrival be the final nail in the coffin for Jane and Mike’s relationship?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 22nd April (Episode 9028 / 125)

Krista finds an unlikely ally.

Mackenzie gets close to the truth.

Terese has an unsettling dream.

Tuesday 23rd April (Episode 9029 / 126)

Dex reaches breaking point.

Krista and Aaron toe a dangerous line.

Karl struggles with a public humiliation.

Wednesday 24th April (Episode 9030 / 127)

Haz confronts a cruel ultimatum.

Susan is made a tempting offer.

Dex’s silent frustrations find a voice.

Thursday 25th April (Episode 9031 / 128)

Haz is forced to consider the unthinkable.

Susan struggles with a secret.

A persistent rumour follows Karl like a bad smell.

Monday 29th April (Episode 9032 / 129)

Krista sees something she shouldn’t.

Terese is plagued by troubling dreams.

Haz faces the music.

Tuesday 30th April (Episode 9033 / 130)

Leo confronts a personal crisis.

Krista struggles with her simmering pain.

Remi and Cara push too hard.

Sadie’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wednesday 1st May (Episode 9034 / 131)

Chelsea finds herself in a tight spot.

Aaron’s wracked with guilt.

Toadie commits to do whatever it takes.

Thursday 2nd May (Episode 9035 / 132)

Haz puts his safety on the line.

Terese finds comfort in the familiar.

Aaron and Nicolette reach an agreement.

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