Episode 3892

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2005

The desperate race is on to save lives after the plane disaster. Robbie is devastated by his loss. An unexpected kiss changes everything. Scott’s frantic to find Hayley and tell her how he feels.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3891. Consoled a distraught Irene over her fears for Hayley.
Informed Flynn of Tasha’s condition.

Extended Summary

Alf has called off the search for the night, much to the dismay of all around him. At the plane, the survivors snuggle up for the night. Leah tells Dan she can’t believe the run of bad luck she’s having. She thinks she’s being punished for past wrongdoings.

Back in the Bay, fears are on display. Hyde opens up to Irene about his concern for Kim…and then pulls back. Robbie is devastated Tasha went up thinking badly of him. Scott’s afraid he may never get the chance to tell Hayley how he feels. Alf shuffles everyone off home for the night..

The next day at the crash site, Dan convinces everyone he should walk to find help. Leah (her post-operation stitches causing her great pain) decides to join him. Dan’s navigation skills are hopeless; they walk around in circles. Leah takes over .Marc thinks the plane may have travelled off the flight path to land somewhere safe. He decides the chopper should check, while the others look on foot. She’s feeling guilty because it should have been her on the plane – not Tasha. Hyde comforts her. The body-language between them is now getting much more intimate.

At the plane, Kim is in control and taking care of everyone. Hayley tells him the reason he’s there: Leah was trying to set them up. Tasha starts calling for Robbie. It looks like she’s on her last legs. Hayley and Kim are both overcome at the sudden worsening of condition for their close friend, and as they hug each other for succour, eye contact is made, a long hesitation, and then…a kiss! It’s totally unexpected. Hayley is left reeling.

Robbie tells Scott how determined he is to tell Tasha how he feels. He wants her to love him like he loves her. Back in the Surf Club, Beth tries to get Josie (who has been standing away from everyone) to rejoin them all. But Josie needs to be alone with her thoughts. She has the feeling Irene doesn’t want her as part of the group anyway.

Dan and Leah stumble across a cabin in the bush. Although it looks lived in, it has nothing they can use except shelter. Dan takes the opportunity to give Leah the engagement ring – not exactly the romantic setting he had in mind. Peter’s back in town and has joined the chopper search party. It’s Robbie and Scott who have first contact. They stumble on the crash site amongst huge relief. A frantic Robbie is immediately by Tasha’s side. The race is on to get her treated in time…Will Tasha survive?

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