Episode 3884

Australian Air Date: 27th January 2005

Will Kane discover his father’s secret before it’s too late? Kim gives Hayley the shock of her life. The Summer Bay girls are in a wedding frenzy. Has Flynn pushed Sally too far?

Extended Summary

After missing dinner last night, Flynn attempts to escape the marital doghouse by preparing a special breakfast for Sally. Colleen drops by to collect her mail and soon realises what he’s up to. From her prattling it’s clear to Flynn that she knows he and Sally have been having problems. He’s unimpressed. When Sally comes down she’s pleasantly surprised by all the effort he’s gone to – it’s a lovely gesture. But he’s more concerned about what Sally’s been telling people. He snaps that he doesn’t want the whole town judging him. Sally’s taken aback by his reaction.

At the Beach House, Hayley is yapping away merrily to Irene, totally distracted as she walks into the bathroom. She soon flies back out squealing. Kim emerges, wrapping a towel around himself. She’s embarrassed beyond belief – she just seen every naked inch of him! Irene thinks it’s hilarious.

Gus is feeling heavily pressured to get Greg’s money. When Gus spots the takings from the bar left unattended he moves in to takes the money. Hayley enters just in time to interrupt him. She’s totally unaware of what Gus was about to do.

Leah and Dan start planning the wedding of the year. They decide to have it in July – the same month as Dan’s birthday (aww!) Sally’s still upset after her run-in with Flynn. Leah takes her mind off it with some lovely news – she wants Sally to be her matron of honour. She’s going to ask Hayley to be bridesmaid. Irene decides to throw an impromptu shindig at her place so they can all plan the wedding over a few drinks. Meanwhile, Dan asks Peter to be his best man. Peter’s touched and accepts – it’s another promising step for the brothers in their reconciliation.

Sally tries to make amends with Flynn, but he’s not overly forgiving. He says he can’t go to Irene’s drinks tonight – he’s taken another shift. Sally can’t believe it, but Flynn says at the moment he’d rather be at work! Sally flares – she doesn’t have an escape clause like he does; she’s been caring for Pippa all on her own lately. Maybe he should start pulling his weigh instead of hiding! Her frustrations with Flynn are escalating.

Kim arrives home to the Beach House to find the wedding planning drinks in full swing. He gives Hayley a little gift – a ‘knock before entering’ sign. They both enjoy a good laugh. Leah clocks the chemistry between Hayley and Kim – is it just good friends, or something more? She later calls Hayley on this, but Hayley dismisses it.

Gus surprises Kane with the news that he’s leaving the Bay and heading to Queensland. Kane tries to cover his disappointment. He drops Gus off at the bus stop and they say their goodbyes. But after Kane leaves, Gus doesn’t get on the bus. Instead he calls Greg and tells him that he’ll have his money by the end of tonight. What does he have planned for the Bay?

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