Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips (2001, 2003, 2005)
Nathaniel Dean (2000), Josh Rosenthal (2003, 2005)
Episodes: 3022-3038, 3586-3597, 3897-3903

Parent: Gus Phillips
Sibling: Kane Phillips

Scott, the older brother of Kane, was first seen at a dance party the two brothers were holding at a warehouse. When Nick, Duncan and Kirsty turned up for the party, having “borrowed” Irene’s car, Nick accidentally drove into Scott’s motorbike, which was parked outside the warehouse, damaging it. The teens hastily fled the scene and Scott got Kane to threaten Nick into paying for the damage.

When Kane turned up in hospital after being beaten up, Scott accused Jude, who had argued with Kane shortly beforehand about Kane stalking Shauna. When Shauna spoke to Kane, she quickly realised it was actually Scott who had beaten him up, as revenge for Kane stealing money from him to buy a present for Shauna. Jude confronted Scott but Scott punched him and made it clear to Shauna that he would hurt both Jude and Duncan if she went to the police. Shauna manage to record Scott admitting the assault but before she could take it to the police she was accosted by Scott and a reluctant Kane. The pair kidnapped her, but Shauna managed to hide the recording in a letterbox, where it was eventually found by the police.

Scott held Shauna prisoner in the warehouse where they had held the party. Kane tried to help her escape and Scott ended up chasing the pair through the building. Meanwhile, Nick and Duncan had remembered the warehouse from the party and Inspector Carter and the police turned up. Jude went into the building ahead of them to help out Shauna and in the ensuing scuffle Scott was knocked from the warehouse roof. He suffered minor injuries and was arrested.

Scott was released around two years later and met up with Kane, who he promptly dragged into acting as his getaway driver when he robbed a service station, an incident that was witnessed by Tasha. Some time later, he turned up in Summer Bay and asked Kane for the money from the robbery, only to learn it had been burned. He tried to force Kane to help him rob the Diner, threatening to hurt Kirsty if he didn’t, but changed tack when he realised Tasha was in town. He briefly kidnapped her, trying to take her out of town, but was stopped by Kane. He then went to the surgery to attempt another robbery only to be stopped by Flynn. He took refuge at the Hunter farm, where Kit had been left living alone after Beth moved in with the Sutherlands. When he told her he grew up on a farm, Kit offered him a place to stay in return for work but instead he robbed and vandalised the place while she was out before skipping town.

The law apparently caught up with Scott at some point, since when he was next seen in early 2005 he was in prison. He met with Kane, who had been charged with an armed robbery actually committed by their father Gus. After dragging the conversation out while Kane begged him for help on the grounds Kirsty was pregnant and he didn’t want his child growing up without a father, Scott eventually told him that Gus had been to see him and, while he had no idea where Gus was, Gus had admitted to him that he’d done the robbery. He agreed to testify in return for Morag helping him out with an appeal. However, when Scott took the stand, he instead said that Gus told him that Kane did the robbery and his earlier statement was a misguided attempt to protect Kane, blowing Kane’s defence apart. Partly as a result of Scott’s testimony, Kane was convicted.