Episode 3874

Australian Air Date: 13th January 2005

Hayley’s trapped by a wall of flames as the Palace fire rages out of control. Kane’s dark past comes back to haunt him. Josie remains uneasy in her relationship with Jesse.

First episode. Scott and Kane’s abusive father. Returned to visit his youngest son after being released from jail, claiming to be a reformed man.
Fourteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3845. Tended to Gus’ injured arm following his rescue of Hayley from the Palace fire.

Extended Summary

The heatwave has finally passed and the Yabbie Creek bushfire is under control. Gus Phillips has arrived in town and drops by the Diner on his way to the caravan park. He chats to Irene, says that he’s in town to sort out some unfinished business. After he leaves Irene is a little puzzled – Gus looks strangely familiar, but she just can’t place him.

The Palace fire is out of control. Hayley’s desperately trying to find a safe way out of the bedroom. She steels herself and dashes through the flames. She makes it to the bottom of the stairs but her path is blocked by falling debris.


Luckily Gus has spotted the fire on his way to the caravan park. He rushes in and helps her out just as the place goes up in flames. They are taken to the hospital for minor treatment. Kane is there for his tests and so drops by Hayley’s room. Everyone seems to be singing the praises of her rescuer, but who is he?

Scott and Jesse survey what’s left of the Palace – it’s a charred mess. Scott gets a call – Hayley’s realized she left her wedding ring in the Palace. She’ll never forgive herself if it’s lost. They search, but can’t find her ring. When Scott later breaks the news to Hayley, she’s devastated and sobs in Scott’s arms. He can’t bear to see her upset and so returns to the Palace to continue the search. By some miracle he finds it and Hayley’s elated. It’s like someone from above was looking out for her.

Someone pulls back the curtain in Gus’ hospital room. Gus turns and greets his son – Kane. Kane is standing there, looking at his father with pure hatred in his eyes. Gus explains that he was released from jail just before Christmas – he’s come to the Bay to make amends with Kane.


He tries to apologise for all the pain he caused him in the past, but Kane doesn’t want to hear a word of it. He tells Gus to get out of town. Later when he’s alone, Kane is haunted by painful memories of being beaten by Gus as a child.

With the Palace destroyed, Jesse needs somewhere to stay. He thinks it’s the universe’s way of saying he and Josie should move in together. She agrees to let him stay for a while, but underneath she’s worried he’s going to smother her.

Gus drops by the Beach House looking for his son. He’s determined to make amends. Kane’s not home yet, but Kirsty convinces him wait. She’s torn – she knows how much Kane hates his father, but what if Gus has changed? Besides, listening to Gus might help Kane deal with his bitterness about the past. But when Kane arrives home he explodes and orders Gus out of the house. Kirsty thinks Kane should at least listen to what Gus has to say, but Kane’s adamant. He’s about to get violent with Gus when Irene and Hayley return home and interrupt. After Gus leaves, Kane turns on Kirsty – what was she thinking letting him in? When she touches him he flares and tells her to get her hands off him! He storms out of the house leaving Kirsty reeling.

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