Episode 3875

Australian Air Date: 14th January 2005

Hayley’s shocked by some devastating news. Robbie lashes out at Tasha. A blast from Josie’s past dredges up old feelings. Kane is forced to battle out his demons.

First episode. Josie’s former high school boyfriend and city firefighter who visited the Bay to assist with a nearby bushfire in Yabbie Creek. Stirred trouble between Josie and Jesse.

> Marc went to high school with Josie in Sydney. His family is from New Zealand.

Extended Summary

Irene tells Kane that the way he treated Kirsty was unacceptable. Kane defends himself – he thinks his relationship with his father is his business and everyone else should just butt out. Irene says she believes in second chances and the least Kane can do is hear Gus out. Kirsty is sitting on the beach, still reeling from Kane’s outburst – she was really scared. Kane apologises. In Kane’s eyes Gus is a monster – he mentally and physically abused Kane and his mother for years. Kane has the scars to prove it and he doesn’t care whether Gus has changed.

Robbie is so terrified after his accident that he is having nightmares about dying. He’s not himself and refusing to open up. He reluctantly agrees to have dinner with everyone at the Beach House. Hayley is still feeling bad about the fire – she blames that old fan of hers. Robbie is making no effort over dinner – he’s just grunting responses and being dark. When he snaps unnecessarily at Tasha everyone is shocked.

Marc Edwards has arrived in town and runs into Josie at the Diner. They used to date at high school – what a small world! They instantly reconnect and start sparking off each other. Strangely, when Jesse arrives the tone of their conversation changes. When Jesse later decides it’s time to go home, Josie chooses to stay on longer with Marc.


Tasha follows Robbie home to have it out with him. She’s incredibly worried and wants to know what’s going on. Beth comes out to see what all the commotion is about. Robbie cracks and with great bitterness reveals how he stepped on the syringe in the bush. He erupts with uncharacteristic venom about disgusting druggies and the state of the world. He storms off leaving Tasha and Beth reeling. This isn’t the Robbie they know and love.


Josie and Marc have had a wonderful time catching up. Marc says he’s missed her smile. Their eyes meet, but she looks away. After he’s gone, it’s obvious that she’s a little rattled by the experience. Does she still have feelings for him?

Hayley shares a private moment with Kane. Noah’s death has taught her that life’s too short to throw away opportunities. Maybe he should give his father a second chance – all he has to do is listen. The next day Kane comes into the Diner looking for Gus. He’s ready to listen and this is a huge step for Kane.

Hayley receives a disturbing phone call – the police think the Palace fire may have been deliberately lit.

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