Episode 3876

Australian Air Date: 17th January 2005

Flynn’s mistake puts Leah’s life in danger – and leads him to a life changing decision. Robbie’s behaviour gets out of control. Kirsty risks her marriage to help Kane’s father. Hayley struggles to come to terms with the news the fire was deliberately lit.

Thirteenth appearance, last seen in Episode #3873. Complained to Flynn about the tardiness of the new hospital staff.

> Zoe McCallister is first mentioned by Nurse Julie.

Extended Summary

The pressure from Kane’s friends and loved-ones seems to have worked – he’s agreed to listen to what his father has to say. Gus assures Kane that he’s a changed man. Giving up drinking and nearly dying in prison has helped him see the error of his ways. He wants to make amends for all the pain he’s caused Kane in the past. Gus hopes he and Kane will be able to have some form of relationship. But there’s so much anger inside Kane that he doesn’t dare open his mouth. Instead, Kane pulls up his shirts and shows Gus the horrific scars he caused. Gus is genuinely horrified. Kane wants nothing more to do with him.

Kirsty asks if Kane’s sure he never wants to see Gus again. Kane hesitates, but says yes. Later at the Diner, Gus tries to convince Kirsty to help him win over Kane. Kirsty’s very reluctant, but Gus persists. She later tries to raise the issue with Kane, but he flares and says that unless she wants to risk their relationship, she’d better drop the subject permanently!

Hayley tells Irene that the police have evidence that the bushfires were deliberately lit using accelerant. Apparently a canister of the same accelerant was found near the Palace. Hayley can’t believe someone would burn the Palace on purpose. She’s convinced the fire must have been caused by her dodgy old fan.

Beth and Tasha are struggling to get through to Robbie. He’s still dark and non-responsive. Scott and Kim have been filled in on Robbie’s needle stick injury, but Robbie doesn’t want anyone else finding out. After much pressing from Beth, Robbie agrees to see a doctor. Flynn tries to reassure Robbie that the risk from such an injury is small, but Robbie is rude and uncooperative. Flynn recommends counseling, but Robbie dismisses the idea. Robbie thinks there’s no point fighting – the world is such a terrible place. Robbie continues to push everyone away, especially Tasha. But Tasha’s determined to stand by him no matter what.


Leah’s still in hospital and has developed a post-operative infection. Flynn discovers that a swab was accidentally left inside her during the surgery he performed on her. She undergoes a further operation to remove it and recovers well. Flynn feels terrible about his mistake, but Leah is understanding (after all, Flynn did save her life). Dan is less forgiving.


Flynn learns he’ll have to front the hospital CEO tomorrow over his mistake. He’s incredibly hard on himself and doesn’t sleep all night. The next morning he tells Sally he’s made a decision – he’s going to resign from the hospital. Sally desperately tries to talk him around, but he dismisses her input. He walks out leaving her stunned.

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