Episode 3877

Australian Air Date: 18th January 2005

Flynn’s decision puts his career – and marriage – on the line. Tasha is alarmed by Robbie’s reckless plan. Sally discovers the secret to Flynn’s dark past.

First appearance. Hospital administrator who called a special meeting of the Medical Review Committee following Flynn’s blunder in surgery.
Asked Flynn into the meeting room to determine his fate.

Extended Summary

Flynn’s haunted by guilt over his mistake with Leah’s surgery. Sally comes looking for him at the hospital and runs into Dan. She tells him about Flynn’s impending resignation. Dan’s shocked. He was upset by the mistake, but Dan doesn’t think it’s worth Flynn’s resignation. Sally’s annoyed that Flynn wouldn’t even listen to her opinion. When Flynn approaches, he refuses to discuss the issue with her. Instead, he just reassures her that she’s got nothing worry about – after all, if he resigns from the hospital he’ll still be a GP. Sally’s becoming increasingly unimpressed.

Dan tries talking some sense into Flynn. He tells Flynn to stop behaving like a selfish, gutless loser. One mistake is no reason to resign! Flynn goes before the hospital board to resign, but hesitates. Dan’s words have affected him and he decides not to hand over his resignation. However, because of his unethical behavior and his life-threatening mistake, the hospital CEO says the board has every right to take the matter to the Medical Superintendent. Flynn’s heart sinks – not only might he lose his job at the hospital, he might also be struck off as a GP.


Fortunately for Flynn, Leah isn’t pursuing legal action and so the board decides not to take the matter to the Medical Superintendent. Flynn’s job is safe, but he will lose his surgical rights and have to work shifts. If he puts one foot out of line, he’s fired!

Flynn wants to make things up to Sally and so arrives home with a big bunch of flowers. (After all, every bloke knows that flowers can fix anything. Right? Wrong!) Sally is totally unimpressed. She’s still hurting from his total disregard for her feelings and opinion. Sally later tells Leah that she’s worried that there must be something more to Flynn’s uncharacteristic behavior. Is he keeping something from her? On a happier note, Sally decides to throw an engagement party for Leah and Dan this Friday.

Sally confronts Flynn on the beach and he finally opens up. He tells her that his mistake with Leah resurrected some painful issues from his past. When he was in the army six years ago, his friend was gunned down and Flynn had to operate. His mate died in his arms. Maybe Flynn could have done more, maybe not? He ran from being a doctor for years and has been struggling with the guilt ever since. When he made the mistake with Leah his first impulse was to run again. But he couldn’t run this time because of his love for Sally and Pippa. And because he knows he is a good doctor.

Tasha drags Robbie out on a picnic at the beach in an effort to snap him out of his funk. She’s pleased that he seems to be finally enjoying himself. But then Robbie decides he wants to have some real fun. He wants to go skydiving! She reluctantly agrees. But when Kim refuses to drive them, Robbie steals the keys to Kim’s car. Tasha stunned – Robbie’s only on his L’s. This is a recipe for disaster.

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