Episode 3878

Australian Air Date: 19th January 2005
UK Air Date: 6th July 2005
Writer: Clare Atkins
Director: Cameron Welsh

Robbie’s prank could cost him and Tasha their lives. Kane struggles with the demons from his past. Kim and Robbie come to blows.

Extended Summary

Despite Tasha’s pleading, Robbie steals Kim’s car. Tasha goes with him out of concern. Robbie doesn’t see any harm in what he’s doing – after all, he’s only borrowing the car and he knows how to drive. But Robbie only has a learner’s licence! She tries to talk some sense into him, but he tells her to shut up or get out. He starts showing off and swerves the car. Tasha’s terrified and screams for Robbie to stop. He just thinks it’s great fun. But he slips up and the car spins out of control, endangering them both. Tasha gets out, furious. Robbie hesitates for a moment and then drives away in search of more adventure.

Gus is determined to get through to his son and so drops by the club to talk to him. But Kane’s not wavering and orders his father off the premises and out of the Bay. Later Kirsty tries one last time to get through to Kane. She thinks that maybe it’s time for him to work through his anger and move on.

Robbie’s been missing all afternoon and everyone’s incredibly worried, and getting increasingly angry. He finally turns up later that night and explains that since he wasn’t allowed to go skydive because of his age, he just drove around all day. Robbie’s not apologetic and doesn’t understand why everyone is so down on him. Scott lays down the law to his insensitive and reckless little brother, but it doesn’t seem to sink in. Kirsty’s advice to Tasha is to stay away from Robbie for her own safety. Tasha’s torn – she loves Robbie and wants to be there for him, but maybe Kirsty’s right?

Kim’s furious with Robbie. Kim was prepared to forgive him for taking the car if he showed the slightest bit of remorse. But Robbie’s acting like he did nothing wrong. Also, the way he’s treating Tasha is unforgivable. Kim thinks Robbie should open up about what he’s going through before he loses all his friends. No one likes the new Robbie!

Gus feels defeated and has decided to leave town. He’s tried everything he can think of to get through to Kane and failed. But just before his bus arrives, Kane pulls up and tells Gus to get in. They drive back to the beach and finally begin to communicate. The walls between them are crumbling and it seems that Kane is finally ready to take a leap of faith with his father.

Robbie discovers Kim packing – he’s moving out. Kim wants to get out before someone does or says something that ruins their friendship. Robbie thinks Kim’s overreacting and he should just lighten up. They start pushing each other and Kim finally cracks. He pins Robbie to the wall and tells him coldly if Robbie wants help he’ll be there for him, otherwise he doesn’t want to know him. Scott, Henry and Matilda look on stunned as Kim storms out. Is this the end of the friendship?